Emmerdale spoilers: Mack claims to only care about Chloe as he gazes at Charity

Which person will Mack select? (Image: ITV)

On Tuesday’s (June 13) episode of Emmerdale, Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) was experiencing the morning after the previous evening.

After a pleasant day out, we saw him and Chloe (Jessie Elland) becoming closer in the previous episode, which led to them going upstairs together.

However, despite the fact that Chloe ought to have been on his mind constantly as a result, the next morning found him slouched on the couch looking through photos of Charity (Emma Atkins) on his phone.

He was visibly feeling more than a little bad and it was clear that his heart still belonged to Charity. Again.

Perhaps he was considering telling Chloe once more that he wasn’t over Charity and that they need to remain friends and be devoted parents to Reuben. Even yet, she provided him with the chance to do so by informing him that previous night had been “weird.”

His answer caught me off guard. We might truly have something here, he added, adding that he believed it had been “nice.”

What about Charity and every other individual who believed they shouldn’t be together? requested Chloe of him.

He grabbed her hand. He said, “You, me, and Reuben are all I care about.” Nobody else is important.

It’s possible that after he studied the photos, he made the decision to move past Charity and devote fully to Chloe. However, we are aware from prior encounters that Mack is a weak-willed man who is readily persuaded by the circumstances. That’s why, following a disagreement with Charity, he had his first sexual encounter with Chloe.

Chloe appeared happy, but is Mackenzie being truthful with her and with himself given that he had only minutes earlier been gazing at pictures of the woman he had just recently married?

“Mack and Chloe have definitely become closer over the past few weeks.” They were only recently married, so I believe he still has feelings for Charity.

Mack and Chloe have been getting closer (Picture: ITV)

Additionally, in this episode, Charity and Caleb (William Ash) shared a passionate moment while bonding over their status as the outcasts of the community. How will Mack feel when he learns that?

Lawrence said, “He can’t really complain too much about the act itself, he hasn’t been an angel either.” However, in my opinion, the fact that Charity decides to sleep with Caleb is more significant.

Mackenzie has never liked Caleb; he despises him. In the end, I believe that has caused him the most pain.

We are aware that Caleb will shortly encounter an unknown assailant who will force him off a ridge. Could Mackenzie, furious with Charity, be the mysterious assailant? On that one, Lawrence played his cards quite close to his chest.

Caleb will undoubtedly experience negative outcomes because to Mackenzie. I’m not saying if Mack will have a role in it when things ultimately go bad for Caleb, but I’m sure he’ll be able to attest to the reasons behind it.

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