Emmerdale spoilers: New killer in the village replaces Meena after dangerous newcomer confirmed?

Do we need to worry? (Image from ITV)

After perpetrating a slew of horrific atrocities in the Emmerdale hamlet, Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) is currently in jail, but could we already have another monster on our hands?

After 25 years in prison, Victor (Eddie Osei) recently got out and saw Charles (Kevin Mathurin) outside the jail last night.

There was tension between the father and son. Victor hinted at something sinister happening in their history, and Charles made it obvious he didn’t want him anywhere near his family.

Everything was enigmatic and enticing, so tonight Victor disregarded Charles’ requests and went to the Dales.

Outside the church, Claudette (Flo Wilson) and Charles were conversing when he stopped them. Victor made an effort to be nice, but upon seeing him, Claudette was obviously terrified and fled. Mary (Louise Jameson) subsequently consoled her at the café.

The episode didn’t provide us much details on Victor, but Claudette, the former journalist, sought to find out why Victor was imprisoned during her conversation with Mary in the café.

Victor is forbidden by Charles from entering the village (Images: ITV).

Mary mentioned that when someone is imprisoned for 25 years, it narrows down the types of crimes they did to just a handful, but was it murder? Claudette affirmed that her husband had never been aggressive towards her.

Back on the street, a furious Charles made an effort to warn Victor that he wasn’t wanted in the community, but Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) and Naomi (Karene Peter), who were curious as to why Charles hadn’t brought up his father previously, intervened to break up their argument.

Victor got here yesterday night (ITV picture).

It appeared like Charles had been successful in getting his father to leave when Naomi and Manpreet departed, but as this plot has just started, Victor is undoubtedly still alive and well.

Who is he then?

Is the Emmerdale community seriously in jeopardy now that he been imprisoned for murder?

Meena’s murder of Leanna, Ben, and Andrea has only just been forgotten.So what kind of problems will Victor cause?

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