Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan shocks Gail with major decision after big betrayal

Gail is compelled to acknowledge her deceptions. (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis) has been keeping a secret that is likely to destroy her bond with Ryan (James Moore).

This week’s on-screen revelation said that she had a hidden baby many moons ago—his kid. The infant was not raised by the bartender, and Ryan has not been informed of the existence of his child until now.

However, everything changed when Gail was contacted by a lady named Sophie.

Gail, Ryan, and Oscar’s kid, Oscar, has an adoptive mother named Sophie. Sophie contacted Gail to beg her to help preserve her young kid Oscar, who was adopted when he was a tiny child.

Oscar need a stem cell transplant as part of his therapy for a specific form of cancer. As Sophie said, she wanted to see whether Gail could assist Oscar by having her put through a test.

Additionally, she said that it would be ideal if Ryan took the exam as well, but Gail insisted that she wasn’t in communication with him, which is obviously a complete fabrication.

After giving it some thinking, Gail realized that in order to save the kid, she had no alternative but to tell her cherished lover everything. Ryan, who had just discovered he had been a father for all this time, naturally wasn’t too happy to hear this news.

It causes a great deal of distance between them as Ryan can’t even look Gail in the eye because of her treachery and doesn’t want to talk to their kid.

However, Gail makes an appeal to his better nature, saying that they must assist Oscar and that Ryan cannot reject her desire to save a helpless young kid.

Though she lies to Ryan, does she think he would forgive her? (Image: ITV)

Ryan is hesitant but eventually accepts, making it very evident that the weight of Gail’s treachery prevents him from making amends.

Has their relationship been ruined by Gail’s lies?

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