Emmerdale star Kevin Mathurin teases change for Charles as Victor story continues

“It’s less of the religious Charles and more of the real person Charles.”

Star of Emmerdale Kevin Mathurin has highlighted the continuous conflicts between Charles Anderson and his father Victor.

Currently, a major plot revolves around the town vicar, who continues to worry over Victor’s recent reunion with the Anderson family.

Victor made an effort to heal fences with his son Charles and his estranged wife Claudette after his lengthy incarceration and parole two months ago. After so many prior errors, Charles is reluctant to give Victor another opportunity.

In a recent exclusive picture session for Inside Soap magazine to commemorate Emmerdale’s nominations for this year’s Inside Soap Awards, Kevin caught up with Digital Spy. The Andersons are nominated for Best Family, Kevin is nominated for Best Actor, and he and Rebecca Sarker (Manpreet Sharma), who plays his on-screen love interest, are nominated for Best Partnership.

Exclusive video access to the photoshoot was offered to Digital Spy, who spoke with all of the participating cast members.

Regarding the direction the Victor narrative is taking, Kevin told Digital Spy: “I am quite delighted. It only brings out more Charles dynamics and aspects that the audience haven’t seen in the last few years.

“Charles enjoys his job and is very family-oriented and kind. But when you interact with folks he doesn’t get along with, you’ll expose a side of him.

“It’s great that there’s more of the real Charles and less of the religious Charles.”

Kevin went on to explain Charles’ reluctance to accept Victor’s positive change: “From Charles’ perspective, he’s been let down so many times over the years. He only wants to keep his mum safe.

Victor is back on the scene and is aware of what will happen. Before it repeats itself, he wants to put a stop to it. But as you can see from the so far-aired episodes, it is occurring once more.

Charles and Victor do actually disagree. Is Victor being serious or not, that is the question. We are unsure. Charles, though, is adamant that a leopard never alters its markings.

He always believes that individuals may change, but Victor has never shown any signs of doing so.

Kevin made a suggestion that Charles’ relationship with Manpreet, who is more inclined to give Victor the benefit of the doubt, may become even more tense as a result of the current circumstance.

“I think Manpreet’s coming in with an opinion that maybe Charles is more blind to because she’s on the outside looking in, not really knowing the depth and history of the family feuds,” he added. Charles having her ideas and beliefs is a positive thing.

“I believe that [Charles and Manpreet] are so strong that sometimes you would say things that you know you can get away with in a relationship, which sometimes could be going a little too far!”

Kevin also discussed the nominees for Emmerdale for the 2018 Inside Soap Awards, which will be presented at a gala in London in September.

I believe the tales have been extremely powerful this year; they are very family-oriented, he remarked. Coming soon are some pretty intriguing stories that I can’t discuss. The acting is really outstanding.

I don’t want to be partial, but Emmerdale really brings out a different aspect that the other soap operas don’t.”

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