Emmerdale star’s ITV soap future revealed after exit fears as another icon could leave

Emmerdale fans questioned if one major character was leaving the ITV soap (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Following rumors that the actor was quitting the show, Emmerdale seemed to rule out one character’s departure on Friday, while one legend’s future is still uncertain.

Fans of Emmerdale have been wondering whether a prominent character is departing the ITV soap opera, and it seems like we may soon know.

Following dramatic scenes, the character in question was predicted to leave the program after four years, and another character, who had played the part for more than 20 years, was also expected to leave. However, the soap opera has finally put an end to one of the villagers’ conjectures, thus confirming that they are staying put—at least for the time being.

Actor Lawrence Robb’s character Mackenzie Boyd was stabbed on Thursday night by his wife Charity Dingle, who suffered serious injuries. Charity, played by soap opera great Emma Atkins, thought she was assaulting the evil Harry, whom she had just slain, and had no intention of hurting Mack.

Charity had been dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ever since she shot Harry, whose true name is Damon Harris. In the most recent episode, Emily unintentionally stabbed Mack during one of her dreams. Emily has been having panic attacks and nightmares.

Mack’s loved ones weren’t sure whether he would survive as he battled for his life, and she was taken into custody for the murder. After Mack’s near-death experience, several fans wondered whether Mack would pass away and permanently leave the show, as well as if Charity may travel to the afterlife.

Mack’s future on Emmerdale may have been revealed, but Charity’s is unknown ( Image: ITV)

However, the most recent show seemed to dispel rumors of at least one of the departures, but it continued to stoke speculation that one of the two would be departing. During Friday’s journey to the Dales, Mackenzie awoke from his operation, and his loved ones were overjoyed to see him recover consciousness.

The events seemed to disprove the assumption that Mack would die, and Moira rejoiced when she realized her brother would be well. This suggests that, at least for the time being, actor Lawrence won’t be quitting the program.

However, Charity was overheard telling the police everything and how she had stabbed Mack as the show was coming to a close. She begged the investigators to prosecute her because she felt that she should be held accountable for her actions.

Could Charity be allowed to go if, in light of what she and Mack claim, they do charge her with attempted murder? To figure out what occurs next in the main narrative, viewers will have to watch closely.

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