Ferne McCann ‘live streaming next birth’ after ‘euphoric’ experience with baby Finty

The birth of Finty was recorded for Ferne McCann: First Time Mum, the former The Only Way Is Essex star’s television program, in July.

After having a wonderful experience with baby Finty Francis Haines-McCann, Ferne McCann announced she intends to “live stream” her next delivery.

The birth of Finty was documented for Ferne McCann: First Time Mum by the former The Only Way Is Essex actress in July. Although Ferne’s home birth didn’t “go as planned,” she noted at the time that she was nonetheless thrilled to share the event with her followers.

And now, she admitted it wasn’t an easy choice to record the delivery because there was a lot of “back and forth”. She plans to record her next delivery despite the challenges because she wants to show others how “beautiful and positive” giving birth can be. She also wants other people to know that a positive childbirth experience is achievable.

Ferne welcomed little Finty in July ( Image: Instagram)
She plans to live stream her next birth ( Image: Instagram/fernemccann)

I’d definitely live stream my next delivery, Ferne said to OK! “I simply have such a strong want to show people how lovely and inspiring birth can be. The choice is yours. I don’t want to come out as arrogant or for people to assume that it’s okay for her. But at the same time, I don’t want to keep my tale a secret out of concern for what people may think of me if I did.

She didn’t anticipate the television personality’s water birth to take place at home. Lorri Haines, 32, Ferne’s fiancée, who attended the delivery, called Ferne “a warrior” and added that “she made the birth look easy.” Ferne revealed the name of the baby after elaborating on its unique significance for the couple.

Since Sunday, her five-year-old daughter, was born, Ferne said the name Finty has been on her list of baby names. She said she had no idea where the name came from but had looked it up online and discovered it was the nickname of Judi Dench’s kid.

I simply feel so linked to the name — when she first appeared, she was just Finty, Ferne remarked. She sounds like a Bridgerton character, in my opinion. Her second name Francis, meanwhile, is a tribute to Ferne’s grandfather’s name. Sunday, whom Ferne shares with her imprisoned ex Arthur Collins, is also a mother to her. After Arthur was detained for hurling acid at a crowd in an East London bar in 2017, Ferne and Arthur divorced while she was pregnant.

She raised Sunday alone ever since, but in the last year, she met and fell in love with Lorri. Following their engagement in the last year, Lorri and Ferne are now organizing their wedding.

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