General Hospital Spoilers: Has Olivia fallen for her husband Ned’s alter-ego Eddie in a bid to keep him close?

General Hospital Spoilers, 27 September 2023: From Sasha being furious at Gladys to Olivia falling in love with Ned’s alter-ego Eddie, here’s what you can expect

How is Olivia going to handle her emotions? (Telegram)

The forthcoming episodes of the long-running ABC television series, General Hospital, promise plenty of intriguing drama, confrontations, and blossoming affections for fans of the iconic soap opera. Find out the highlights and spoilers for the General Hospital episode airing September 27, 2023, by reading on. This is what happened at Port Charles this time.

Highlights of the General Hospital Spoilers

After everything that has occurred to her, Sofia Mattsson’s character Sasha is at last beginning to feel more like herself. She is now aware of what Bonnie Burroughs’s character Gladys did to her when she teamed up with Darin Toonder’s character Dr. Montague. Cody’s presence in Sasha’s life brings her gratitude. He did, after all, jeopardize his life, liberty, and security in order to release her from Ferncliff. Gladys is taken aback by her visit as she is now prepared to face her ex-mother-in-law.


approaches her and becomes enraged about all Gladys done to her, taking advantage of her naive trust in her. Gladys may make an effort to apologize or justify herself, but it will never be sufficient for Sasha, who experienced extreme upheaval. What will happen between the two in the end? Will Gladys’s journey come to an end with this? Wally Kurth’s character Ned gets prepared for a show and still thinks about Eddie. He proposed a date to Lisa LoCicero’s character Olivia.

She happily nodded, but her response goes beyond simple encouragement. Olivia may not be in the ideal position when Ned eventually realizes who he really is since she has begun to develop affections for her own husband’s alter ego. In a time spent together, Olivia and “Eddie” surprise her. It’s her own spouse, but he has a distinct character. Olivia is unsure of what to do since she is unsure of her sentiments. Does Ned, who believes he is Eddie, feel the same way for Olivia?

Chad Duell’s

character, Michael, worries about a multitude of different topics. He can’t seem to accept that his wife Willow, played by Katelyn MacMullen, is back at work and he doesn’t know what will happen to Drew, portrayed by Cameron Mathison. In addition, he must cope with Evan Hofer’s character, Dex. He’s been very stressed and anxious about this. Finally, Kate Mansi’s character Kristina is certain about something. Which is it, Molly or Blaze?

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