ITV Coronation Street character accused of deadly crime as they’re questioned by police

Coronation Street is set for dramatic scenes next week as one character is accused of a deadly crime as they are questioned by the police on the ITV soap

Coronation Street is lining up dramatic scenes next week as one character is accused of a deadly crime (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Next week on Coronation Street, there will be some dramatic moments as a character gets charged with a serious crime.

Ed Bailey just recently revealed his gambling addiction to his family on the popular ITV soap opera. This caused a great deal of division among his loved ones, particularly when it was revealed he had emptied the company account and lost all the money at a casino. This week’s scenes include his kids, Michael and Dee-Dee, being startled to see two bailiffs at the door.

Ed explains that his friend Marcus has given him a room at his home later in the week, and he is hoping Gary will make an offer for the garden. But when Marcus phones Ed to inform him that the extra room is no longer available, which Ed covers for, and Gary informs Ed that he won’t be purchasing the garden, things only become worse.

Ed is accused by Michael of setting the garden on fire (Image: ITV)

However, news quickly spreads when Leanne approaches and says that Ed seemed pretty desperate after an unsuccessful meeting with Gary, and Ronnie informs Michael that Marcus has told him that Ed is now homeless. Soon, Michael hurries up the stairs to find Ed nowhere to be found, shocked to see flames shooting from the builder’s yard. Michael discovers the stairs are completely covered in flames as he turns to leave and knows the fire has spread.

The week after the spectacular fire, Ed is brought in for interrogation by PC Craig Tinker. When Michael gets home later, he doesn’t waste any time in questioning Ed whether he set the fire himself. Ed angrily denies doing so, but Michael is suspicious. In addition, Ed acknowledges to DS Swain that although he unintentionally knocked over a white spirit, he did not spark the fire.

Ed is crushed by his son’s disdain for him when Michael accuses him of setting fire to the garden in order to get insurance when he and Dee-Dee get home. When Craig shows up later to the plant, he asks to speak with Michael, who verifies that an electrical heater was indeed the cause of the fire in the yard. Michael is happy that his dad wasn’t at fault, but he also feels terrible about it. Could Michael and Ed ever really mend?

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