ITV Coronation Street’s Joseph health diagnosis revealed after youngster collapses

Coronation Street fans are in for another explosive week in Weatherfield as Chesney son Joseph’s health takes a turn as concerns for his safety continue to divide the family

Next week, Coronation Street viewers can anticipate a lot of drama as Joseph, Gemma Winter-Brown’s stepson, continues to spiral out of control.

ITV viewers have seen the devoted mother’s anxiety about the child’s concerning health issues worsen over the last several weeks. The student most recently had many headaches before collapsing and being taken to the hospital.

While the boy was in the hospital, the physicians expressed their worries for him and contacted social services to report his ailment as neglect. Ever then, the gorgeous auburn woman has been making an effort to convince social services that she is capable of raising their four children.

And when he reports feeling hot at the beginning of the week, it seems like things are only going to get worse. Gemma confides in Chesney about her worries, but he is certain that the child will be OK.

After the child falls, Joseph’s health diagnosis on Coronation Street is revealed (Image: ITV)

Gemma fears to Paul about Joseph’s sudden fever increase, but Paul tells her to remain quiet since she might endanger her social services case if she continues to press the issue. Ultimately, however, Gemma disregards his counsel and confides in Dr. Gaddas at the café as an enraged Chesney listens in.

Granny Linda comes on the cobbles, upsetting the atmosphere at No. 5, where Gemma, Chesney, and Paul are playing with the children. A family solicitor’s business card is given to Chesney by Linda later in the week, but the obliging husband won’t talk about it.

Chesney realizes the fridge is broken and all the food has gone bad when Joseph gags on his milk. Dr. Gaddas listens interestedly as Chesney, who is seen leaving the home with a disheveled-looking Joseph, tells Gemma that he is just experiencing stomach distress.

Gemma expressed her worries for the child. (Photo: ITV)

When Gemma finds the solicitor’s business card, she accuses Chesney of attempting to kidnap her children when he is taking the child to the doctor. Before Linda admitted that it was her idea, Chesney reassures her that he would never do that since she doesn’t believe Gemma is safe to be around her own kids.

At this time, Gemma bursts into tears and rushes out of the home. Later in the day, Chesney gets a call from school informing him that Joseph has been ill once again.

Joseph is fussed over by Chesney and Linda at number five, but as he rises his knees buckle and he falls, barely aware, into the couch. Chesney, who is very afraid, tells Linda to call for help right now.

A Lyme disease diagnosis is made for him. (Photo: ITV)

After speaking with Dr. Gaddas, the hospital’s doctor approaches Joseph and says they believe he may have Lyme disease, which he may have picked up while camping. Doctors confirm Joseph has Lyme disease at the end of the week, but they also give the family hope that he will recover completely.

Before long, Joseph awakens to find Gemma and Chesney at his side. Gemma is overjoyed to inform Chesney and Joseph that social services have verified her right to return home.

However, Chesney is taken aback when Joseph declares that he would prefer to live with Gemma rather than with him, since she was the only one who thought he was sick the whole time. Watchers will have to wait and see whether Joseph’s remarks cause the family any concern.

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