ITV Coronation Street’s Paula Lane ‘manifested’ Emmerdale role eight years after sad death

Paula Lane has joined the cast of Emmerdale as newcomer Ella Forster almost eight years after her Coronation Street character Kylie Platt was bumped off in heartbreaking scenes

Paula Lane, a legend of Coronation Street, claims she “manifested” her new job on Emmerdale.

Eight years after the tragic death of her Corrie character Kylie Platt in heartbreaking scenes in 2016, the iconic soap opera star has returned to the cast as newbie Ella Forster. At a veterinarian ball, viewers will see Ella standing up for Lisa Riley’s character, Mandy Dingle.

Then, as foreshadowed by Emmerdale executives, she meets Dr. Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), who would “lead to an opportunity” in the next episodes.

Paula revealed the following about her Emmerdale persona to the Daily Star and other media outlets: “She’s a 29-year-old unmarried lady who is extremely professional, doesn’t hold back when speaking her mind, and isn’t a scrappy person. I’m really happy that she becomes friends with Mandy; she’s a great buddy to have on your side. They two will make a fantastic duo, in my opinion.

Paula Lane, a Coronation Street icon, claims she “manifested” her new job on Emmerdale.

“As far as I know, there are no familial connections in the village, but things might change. I hope a romantic relationship is in the works.” Paula claims that enough time has gone for her to try out another soap role, even if she is still mostly known for her legendary Corrie persona.

“I’m a big believer in going with what’s put in front of you and the past seven years have been really exciting,” she said in her explanation. I’ve reared a family, covered a ton of theater, and appeared as a guest on many TV shows. In addition to feeling like I’ve changed myself, I believe it’s good to give the public a little break when you are such a well-known face. A significant amount of time has elapsed, and I believe this is beneficial.”

Famously, the actress portrayed Kylie Platt in the rival ITV soap opera (Image: ITV).

Being from Yorkshire, I feel like I’ll fit in here and it works for my family, so as an actor, that’s fantastic. I believe it’s a natural match. I have a strong sense that I will be completely at home here. The timing was perfect; I believe I projected it, and after a talk, a seed was planted and magic occurred. It was something of a coincidence, but it really fell into my lap, and for that, I am very grateful. I want to use it to the fullest extent possible.

Paula claims she’s had enough time to try out for a different soap opera part. (Photo courtesy of Daily Post)

“In order for me to go forward and establish a new persona, it will be crucial that I change from what people saw seven years ago to what I will be constructing today. I believe that enough time has passed to be able to make a change and stand out from the crowd.

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