Kim stunned by a huge discovery in Emmerdale spoiler video

Following the events of a recent spoiler video, Kim Tate (Claire King) is about to make a major discovery in forthcoming Emmerdale scenes.

During the scene, the matriarch of the Home Farm is going about her business when Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) shows up in quest of Lydia (Karen Blick).

Mandy immediately raises her guard when Kim admits that she has phoned in ill once more, speculating that perhaps Lydia is purposefully avoiding Kim.

Mandy chastises Kim for treating Lydia poorly and taking her for granted, realizing she has fully gotten the short end of the stick.

Kim responds that she has been providing Mandy her entire sick pay, and Mandy quickly retracts her statement before walking away.

Kim tries to help Lydia (Picture: ITV)

Kim’s skepticism about Lydia’s illness and whether anything else is going on is evident as she walks away.

The audience will be aware of Lydia’s difficulties following Craig’s (Ben Addis) rape of her at work.

She had kept her experience fully private, but things will change in forthcoming moments when Kim discovers her weeping during a fight with Mandy.

Mandy suspects that Craig and Lydia are having an affair after overhearing Samson (Sam Hall) talking to Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) on the phone. She then confronts her about it.

Mandy hurries out in a hurry but is left disturbed and skeptical by Lydia’s rapid cover.

Kim is frightened when she later encounters an angry Lydia who decides she can’t keep her terrifying experience to herself any longer and tells worried Kim everything.

Lydia soon experiences heartbreak once more when Kim demands that she tell Sam (James Hooton) everything. Will she actually follow through?

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