Police Blotter: Dec 8 – Dec 15

17 December — Dickinson These are a handful of the calls that the Dickinson Police Department responded to between Thursday, December 8 and early Friday morning, December 16.

7:49 am On December 8 between the hours of 5 and 8 am, a maroon 2017 Chevrolet Traverse was taken from the 1000 block of 4th Avenue West. automobile registered with NCIC. There were no recognized suspects.

11:14 am According to reports, a 16-year-old boy was tricked into sharing naughty photographs through a SnapChat request. When the young man refused to provide $1,500 through CashApp or gift cards, the con artist attempted to blackmail him by showing the images to his acquaintances. The CIU is still looking into the event.

12:43 pm A pole was allegedly twisted in a vandalism incident, according to a resident of 8th St. SE. When examined more closely, it didn’t seem to be harmed.

4:46 pm A 2012 Dodge Ram that was parked at Century Apartments was reported stolen. The North Dakota Highway Patrol in Bismarck subsequently found the car. A case is being looked at.

9:20 pm Following a disturbance report at the Red Roof Inn, 39-year-old Martin Ray Garza was taken into custody for illegally carrying concealed firearms. Staff members at the hotel were arguing with Garza because they wanted to kick him off the premises. Brass knuckles were discovered in Garza’s pocket as officers were searching for him for firearms. In addition, it was discovered that Garza had an Idaho warrant for his arrest for eluding a police officer that may be extradited.

9:18 am a verbal fight between two guests at the Red Roof Inn over a fire escape door. Before the police arrived, the parties split off.

12:34 pm When officers arrived to Cashwise Foods in response to a report of harassment, both suspects had left. On a follow-up contact, the reporting party did not respond.

2:24 am On Kuchenski Dr., a drunken visitor refused to leave a certain spot. The subject eventually departed before an officer arrived.

2:53 am Unknown caller thought a buddy was operating a vehicle in Dickinson while intoxicated. Unable to find.

9:47 am A brawl broke out between two prisoners at the Southwest MultiCounty Correctional Center. The Stark County State’s Attorney’s Office received a report for review and possible prosecution.

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4:31 pm The Heritage Hills apartment complex’s corridor was littered with a drunken resident. Staff members drove him to the hospital.

11 pm Outside of Champs Bar, many men were fighting with their fists. In order to contemplate filing charges, the officers sent the report to the Dickinson City Attorney’s Office.

1:09 am There have been 11 to 13 gunshots reported in the area of Southview Trailer Court. unable to find any proof of such.

12:29 pm There have been reports of a five-year-old being briefly left in a car in the Walmart parking lot. The parent was found and contacted.

7:48 pm The Lucky’s Arco Gas Station on Villard Street East was reported to have a past trespasser on the premises. gone when the policeman arrived.

5:41 am A dead 86-year-old lady was discovered close to Elm Avenue. No wrongdoing is suspected.

7:23 am A dead 74-year-old man was discovered close to First Avenue SW. Apparently, he was set to enter hospice. No wrongdoing is suspected.

9:07 am Miles Bainter, 53, was charged and dismissed for criminal trespass at the Best Budget Inn after disobeying a previous written warning.

9:22 am In an empty room at Villard Commons, drug paraphernalia was discovered and taken for disposal.

10:03 am An employee of Dakota Community Bank discovered a fake $100 bill in a business deposit. The note was taken.

11:58 am Sometime the previous evening, a car that was parked in the 300 block of 2nd Avenue East had its keys stolen.

12:48 am Officers were called to a location near Hampton Inn & Suites in response to a report of a possible intoxicated driver who could not be found.

7:01 A dog that was errantly running along South State Avenue was apprehended and given back to its owner.

12:37 am An drunken lady who had been offered a ride home by her sober buddy was the subject of a police call to The Spur Bar and Lounge.

10:37 am A 3rd Avenue West resident claimed their neighbor dumped snow in their yard, and an officer helped to resolve the conflict.

11:29 am On 10th Avenue West, a yellow Trek mountain bike was reported stolen to the police. The caller thought a former buddy had taken it.

7:15 pm Two snowmobilers were accused of riding carelessly at Rocky Butte Park. On arrival, gone.

8:53 pm Unruly male patron at Champ’s Bar departed before the police arrived.

12:50 am complaint of loud music coming from a car at Sierra Commons, but the car couldn’t be found.

1:34 pm A guy was issued a trespass notice at Lucky’s Arco Gas Station on Villard Street East at the management’s request.

5:30 pm Officers responded to a call about a probable intoxicated driver on 6th Avenue West but instead discovered a guy whose car was trapped in a snow bank and gave him a lift home. There were no detentions.

2:23 am Wayne Kern, 48, was arrested for actual physical control after a hit-and-run accident and issued a citation for duty after hitting a light post in the 2500 block of State Avenue.

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