SHOCK MOVE Rose launches sickening plot against daughter Dawn Taylor in Emmerdale

Newcomer Rose makes a major blunder

The long-lost mother of Dawn Taylor In Emmerdale, Rose Jackson comes up with a scheme.

Next week, in a horrific plan against her daughter Dawn (Olivia Bromley), Rose (Christine Tremarco) on the ITV soap opera reaches a new low.

Dawn is fearful some germs could have been transferred to Evan from the other kidsCredit: ITV
Billy breaks downCredit: ITV

Dawn nervously questions Billy upon Billy’s arrival to the hospital, after learning that Evan has a high temperature following his chemotherapy, in an attempt to determine whether Evan may have picked up any germs from the other children.

Billy, who is left with Will, sobs at the thought that he will never be able to protect Evan from infections once he leaves the hospital.

Clemmie and Lucas at Home Farm, finding it difficult to accept that they aren’t permitted to go to school.

When Rose provides Dawn some much-needed relief and persuades her to join her for a brandy to relax, Dawn is appreciative.

Will, on the other hand, is appalled when he sees Rose handing Dawn some strong sleeping pills.

Will informs Rose that Dawn is recovering and that this is her last chance to work at Home Farm.

Dawn expresses her forgiveness to Rose for her mistake about the sleeping medications and expresses gratitude for their time together. Rose is comforted by her daughter’s acceptance.

But when Kim tells Rose that she’s a long way from Will’s pardon, Rose gets angry.

Ruby informs Rose of the risks involved in the operation as Rose updates her on the most recent setback in the attempt to eliminate Kim.

Rose is left riled when Kim reminds her she’s a long way from Will’s forgivenessCredit: ITV
Rose plots to destroy KimCredit: ITV
As Ruby reminds her of the stakes of the operation, can she change her mind?Credit: ITV

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