ITV Emmerdale fans convinced they’ve rumbled the identity of Caleb’s second child

Following Caleb Milligan’s admission that he has more than one child, EMMERDALE fans are certain they have identified the second child.

When it was revealed that Caleb was the son of Frank Tate, viewers gasped. But what more is he concealing?

Caleb told his son Nicky to seduce GabbyCredit: ITV
Caleb plots against Kim to get the Home FarmCredit: ITV

He has teamed up with his son Nicky to destroy Kim Tate’s cherished Home Farm on the grounds that he is her long-lost husband’s kid.

However, Caleb shocked viewers once again when he said that he didn’t want his “kids” to learn about their connection with Leyla Harding, implying that he was the father of at least two children.

Twitter users speculated about the identity of his second kid.

One person said, “I still think Chloe is Caleb’s daughter in Emmerdale and Nicky’s half-sister.”

Another person wrote: “Unless Caleb created himself a phoney identity and is the father of all three of Kerry’s children via bigamy, the father of Amy’s and Chloe’s children is meant to be Tony. #Emmerdale.”

In the meanwhile, viewers and Gabby Thomas were taken aback when Nicky Milligan secretly proposed to them.

Caleb coerced his son Nicky into pursuing Gabby in order to obtain what they wanted.

Next week’s episodes will show that Gabby has begun to have suspicions.

Nicky makes it plain that he is keen to marry as soon as feasible.

Unfortunately, Gabby doesn’t share his perspective and doubts his justification.

Will their motivations be made clear?

ITV1 broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7 o’clock.

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