We’re in the matrix as both of EastEnders’ Elaines unite in iconic moment

Elaine-ception, I say! Instagram photo by Harriet Thorpe

After Harriet Thorpe assumed the job earlier this year, Elaine Peacock recently made a surprise appearance on EastEnders with a new look.

Elaine was portrayed by Maria Friedman from 2014 until 2017, just before she took out for Spain.

Harriet just made us see double in an incredible photo she took with Maria on Instagram.

Both actresses were there at the Chickenshed Gala night and jumped at the chance to take a quick picture.

As self-aware as usual, Harriet tagged Maria and Chickenshed in the post and used the hashtag “#Brilliant” to describe the memorable event.

Harriet ran meet a number of other EastEnders characters at the play besides Maria. Also there was Michelle Collins, who just made a stunning comeback to the series as Cindy Beale.

Along with Michelle, Harriet also posed for a picture with the hashtag “#Magnifique.”

Although Harriet and Michelle are close friends, their personalities could eventually diverge (Image: Instagram / Harriet Thorpe).

Although in real life Harriet and Michelle are the best of friends, it is only a matter of time until their characters on television start to argue.

Elaine’s family will be among those most impacted when Cindy Beale returns to the Square after making an unexpected comeback from the grave earlier this year.

It was revealed that Cindy was Rose Knight, the ex-wife of Elaine’s fiancé, George Knight (Colin Salmon), who had unexpectedly made a comeback.

We can only image how much drama Cindy’s homecoming will bring, and we can’t wait to watch her raise a ruckus.

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