Where is Coronation Street’s Ashley Peacock star now as on-screen dad Fred Elliott star John Savident dies

John Savident, a Coronation Street icon best remembered for portraying the ruthless Fred Elliott on the ITV soap opera, has away suddenly at the age of 86.

John Savident, the 86-year-old Fred Elliott star of Coronation Street, has away.

“We are sad to announce the death of the actor John Savident who passed away on Wednesday, February 21. He was a much-loved husband and father of two and will be sorely missed by all who knew him,” his agency said in a statement.

John debuted on the cobbles in 1994 and immediately won over the hearts of the crowd. His tragic love life, which included three marriages and several abortive proposals, was the subject of his tales.

On the program, Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold), a hidden son, also made an appearance. The two became close while working as butchers. In 2006, John’s character met his demise due to a stroke on the day he was set to wed Susie Blake’s character, Bev Unwin.

Ashley, meanwhile, tragically departed the ITV soap opera in 2010 after being involved in a fatal tram accident and passing away in December of the same year during the show’s 50th anniversary episode. Ever then, devoted viewers of Corrie have been curious about Steven’s activities.

Coronation Street’s Fred Elliott star John Savident pictured with Ashley Peacock star Steven Arnold back on the ITV soap ( Image: Granada Television)

Even now, more than 13 years after leaving the serial opera, viewers still recognize Steven as “Ashley” on the street and he hasn’t been able to shake off his legendary Corrie persona, as he previously disclosed.

Steven acknowledges that while it has lessened with time, it still occurs sometimes. “It’s amazing how often I find myself forgetting I was ever in Coronation Street, but then someone shouts over and I think, oh yeah, bloody hell,” Steven says. Ashley Peacock was an incredible character that I had a great time portraying; there were plenty of humorous as well as serious plotlines.

Steven has had more success in a variety of TV roles since leaving Coronation Street in 2010, in addition to his job as a producer. Though he worked more than “40 odd stage jobs,” he eventually discovered his passion for performing: “I had never been on stage before leaving Coronation Street, and it’s been brilliant going to do all these different things, and play different characters in different plays, and do something fresh every two or three months.” It’s the aspiration of every performer, and may it always persist.”

The actor has undoubtedly had a great career in theater; in 2011, only a year after leaving the ITV serial opera, he had an appearance on Dancing On Ice. In addition, Steven has acted in many short films since leaving Coronation Street, including Thick As Thieves, On The Market, and Casualty.

In a 2016 interview with Gaby Roslin on Lorraine, Steven expressed his eternal gratitude for the possibilities that playing Ashley offered to his career, saying, “I’ll always have a particular place in my heart for the many years I spent playing him. There are certain things you miss, but you may still use him in your occasional role-playing.”

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