13 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Before Reuben’s baptism, Mack and Charity succumb to temptation in the Emmerdale episodes airing the next week.

Sam is offended by Lydia’s ex, while Rhona encourages her loved ones to face their worries.

The 13 key moments are listed below.

1. Marlon and Mary are struggling

Marlon is appreciative of his modified vehicle but anxious to get back behind the wheel.

Mary is lying while acting like she has resumed online dating.

Paddy is running late to meet Marlon when he discovers Mary weeping in a field, which leads to an argument.

2. Rhona’s patience snaps

The burden of attempting to care for her husband is felt by Rhona as her connection with Marlon and Paddy is on the rocks. She must also think about Mary and Paddy.

Rhona snaps and tells her three loved ones they must confront their worries together because she has had enough of them all dodging their issues.

3. Rhona organises a ‘face your fears day’

The next day, Rhona plans a unique “face your fears” day. Paddy, Marlon, and Mary anticipate their tasks with trepidation.

The gang leaves with trepidation when Rhona announces what she has planned. Will Rhona’s method of “tough love” succeed, though?

4. Chloe and Mack plan the christening

Planning Reuben’s baptism while enjoying their relationship, Chloe and Mack. They eagerly await Thursday as they ask Matty, Amy, and Moira to serve as godparents.

Charity graciously offers the use of the bar when the after-party location falls through, but Chloe laughs at her unexpected gesture.

5. Mack and Charity sleep together

As there is nobody else available to hold the gathering, Mack goes to Charity to see whether the invitation is still good.

As they converse, things become emotional and hot, and the two quickly find themselves in a passionate exchange. Both feel humiliated afterward, but Mack feels bad since Charity wants to get back together.

6. Mack has a decision to make

The following day, a disoriented Mack seeks help from Moira and finally confesses to having slept with Charity. He is reminded by Moira that if he tells Chloe the truth, he might lose Reuben.

Mack realizes he must choose, but he is unable to do so as the baptism gets under way. Who would Chas pick when Charity tells him about her encounter with Mack?

7. Lydia and Craig reconnect

Lydia decides to accept Craig’s employment offer after seeing him again after he left the children’s home.

After getting back in touch, Lydia and Craig quickly get back into discussion and begin sharing updates on their lives.

8. Samson is in awe of Craig

Sam is upset when Samson queries Lydia about Craig at home and is astounded by his money and shiny automobile.

Samson asks Lydia to get him job experience after learning that Craig’s firm created one of his favorite mobile games. Craig is hesitant at first when Lydia questions him about his work experience, but eventually he agrees.

9. Sam feels pushed out

Samson is delighted by Craig’s offer of job experience, but Sam is growing increasingly envious.

Sam feels unimportant when Lydia introduces Craig and Samson, and it becomes worse when Craig settles in and starts helping with DIY. Sam is uncomfortable as he is left outside in the cold.

10. Victor’s probation officer arrives

As Victor’s probation officer visits and Charles tries to hide his loathing for his father, tensions are at an all-time high.

Victor makes Charles mad when the probation officer shows up by putting on a show, which fascinates the visiting probation officer.

11. Victor winds up Charles

The following day, Charles is still angered by Victor’s influence on Claudette, who is still in love. Despite Manpreet’s best efforts, Victor frequently upsets Charles.

Charles fumes, believing Victor has his hooks back into the family, while Claudette prepares a romantic lunch for Victor and urges her son to stay out of the way.

12. Jai accuses Manpreet of theft

Manpreet is shocked when Jai notices the necklace she is wearing and requests for it back as she stands beside Charles. Jai is emphatic that Rishi shouldn’t have given away the object because it is a family relic.

Jai’s request hurts Manpreet since the necklace is the only memento she has of Rishi. Manpreet is wounded when Charles sides with Jai when she makes another attempt to get it back.

13. Wendy worries about Bob

Wendy is worried about Bob’s health following his recent heart attack. Bob plans a romantic surprise for Wendy in an effort to repair their relationship, but it fails.

In another location, Nicola and Bernice race to raise money for new defibrillator pads after being motivated by Bob’s passing away.

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