Coronation spoilers: Ken and Gail come to blows amid divorce agony

Gail and Ken took shots at one another (Pictures: ITV)

In recent Coronation Street events, when Gail Platt questioned Ken Barlow (William Roache) about his grandson Adam Barlow’s (Sam Robertson) choices, he retaliated by hitting out at her.

Gail voiced her dismay at Adam telling his wife Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) that they should get a divorce so soon after she left the hospital.

Sarah was saddened to find that she had lost her baby after being admitted for an emergency scan due to abdominal discomfort.

When they arrived home, Adam stated that he couldn’t get over her treachery and had asked for a divorce, despite the fact that he had been to the hospital to support her.

Following Sarah’s romance with Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths), their relationship was in shambles, and Adam’s realization that the child wasn’t his was the tipping point.

After deciding to get a divorce, Sarah and Adam started to work out a plan for Harry’s visitation, with Adam noting that he felt like a father to Harry.

Gail was incensed by Adam’s behavior and conveyed her rage to Ken because Sarah was in such a vulnerable situation following the death of her child.

However, Ken was quick to respond, saying that in light of Sarah’s adultery, he believed Adam had every right to want a divorce.

Gail claimed that his timing was terrible and faulted Ken for not training him to be more sensitive, even though she emphasized that she wasn’t arguing that.

Ken persisted in arguing that Sarah was unfaithful, but Gail stormed off by saying that Adam should be ashamed of himself.

Is there going to be a rift between the Barlow and Platt families now that Ken and Gail are at odds and Adam and Sarah are getting a divorce?

A potential new family dispute has surfaced.

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