Coronation Street spoilers: Eliza in danger as she prepares to meet sinister stranger

Eliza arranged to meet with a sinister stranger (Picture: ITV)

In recent Coronation Street scenes, Eliza Woodrow (Savannah Kunyo) received a disturbing video call that might put her in grave danger.

when being adopted by Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) when Bridget, Eliza’s mother, was jailed for murder, Eliza has had a trying few months.

Even though he hadn’t committed the crime, Stu had served a lengthy time for the same murder.

After being freed from prison, he realized Bridget was really the one who had committed the crime, and her mother had assisted in covering it up.

The recent news that Eliza’s mother was being relocated to a jail in the northeast, meaning that she would see her even less, devastated her world once more.

Unaware of the danger this may end up putting her in, Stu gave her a fresh tablet in an effort to cheer her up.

Eliza made an excuse to depart the room after disrupting Stu and Yasmeen’s (Shelley King) life drawing session after arriving home and receiving a video call.

After answering outdoors, she encountered a significantly older man in person. It became clear as they spoke that Eliza had been contacting him covertly.

When he questioned her, she noted that his voice was different from what she had anticipated, but she was quick to add that it was in a nice manner.

When both Eliza and the man said they ‘couldn’t wait,’ it was horrifyingly obvious that the man had intended to see her in person.

Will Eliza go with the meeting even though she is completely unaware of the risk she may be in, or will Stu find out and call an end to it?

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