Coronation Street confirms arrest in murder story as Emmerdale reveals fallout of Ella secret in 25 new soap spoilers

Coronation Street Emmerdale EastEnders Hollyoaks Neighbours spoilers w/c Monday June 3
With major twists and shocking developments, all the soaps are must-watch next week! (Picture: ITV / BBC / Lime Pictures)

Emotions are running high during yet another extremely dramatic week in soap opera land, as my latest spoilers indicate that some huge twists will occur and leave a number of well-known characters shocked.

The aftermath of a significant week is seen on Coronation Street. The mystery surrounding Lauren Bolton will undoubtedly continue, but an arrest has been made elsewhere when a beloved character is brought in to be questioned over an entirely unrelated issue.

Liam Cavanagh is seen in Emmerdale distraught at the tragedies of the past, and Cain Dingle is resolved to stand by his buddy.

In Hollyoaks, a so-called friend assaults Ethan Williams, who has had a difficult year; in EastEnders, Suki Panesar’s scheme to ruin Nish is carried out.

Regarding the neighbours? Can Victor Stone make atonement for his continued troublemaking in Ramsay Street? That is the query.

If none of that has intrigued you enough, don’t worry—I’ve got a long list of spoilers just for you. Shall we dive right in?


1. Ravi expresses his misgivings about Vinny’s genuine motivations to Nish, who tells his oldest son to look into the situation. Vinny promises Ravi that he would always be devoted to their dying father. When Ravi promises to always be there for Nish, too, Nish is moved. Later on, Vinny and Suki talk about Ravi’s inquiries and make a promise to take back the Panesar empire!

As she and George take care of Anna, Cinda has hidden agendas (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

2. After learning that Anna had been mugged, Cindy and George consult to find out the truth. But Cindy has other plans; she clearly wants to win back her ex by manipulating the girls into going to a family movie night. After a fight, Cindy leaves the house in her finest attire, leaving Ian at home to wait for her to finish the supper he prepared. Is Cindy going to receive her wish?

3. After learning that Whitney still hasn’t come to terms with her, Bianca gets into a heated dispute with Reiss.

4. George steps in and offers to become a silent partner after Junior receives terrible news regarding a business agreement. Junior consents to consider it and then accepts the proposition.

5. Reiss needs to get employment. Kathy advises him to see Phil, who may be in need of an accountant. Phil consents to interview him the next day, but things don’t go as planned.

6. When Maya gets to Walford, she’s upset with Harvey for looking through her social media accounts. He extends his apology and asks her to have a drink. As their friendship grows, Maya informs Harvey that her spouse passed away last year. Maya loses her hat as she heads out. Harvey tries to reach her on the internet, but her account has been removed.

Coronation Street

7. Leanne returns from the retreat, stating that she had to remain one extra night since it had overrun. Leanne becomes enraged when Simon says he’s heading out to join Peter on his yacht. Nick reassures her that Rowan received his message, although it’s clear that he didn’t forward it. Leanne waves Simon off and starts talking to someone on her laptop, but who is it?

Simon bids Leanne farewell. (Image: ITV)

8. Abi tells Kevin that one of the deepfake videos has been republished by her internet troll. When Craig phones Abi and Kevin at the garage, he acknowledges that they still don’t know who uploaded the phoney footage and suggests that she would be better off hiring an attorney.

9. Dee-Dee is dissatisfied with Joel’s parents after meeting them since they don’t treat her very well. Joel dashes over to the apartment, where he kneels down and pops the question after expressing regret for his parents’ actions!

10. Confirming that Nathan also abused Ellie, Bethany informs Craig about her. When Craig arrives at Ellie’s address, her housemate informs him that she has moved out and that she seems afraid of something.

11. After a corpse is discovered in the park, Toyah is taken into custody on suspicion of killing a baby.


12. As Dawn questions Billy about whether or whether some germs from the other children may have been carried to Evan, Billy sobs at the impossibility of protecting Evan from diseases.

Dawn and Billy are concerned about Evan. (Image: ITV)

Rose makes progress with Dawn, who expresses gratitude for helping her focus on Evan’s illness. But when the newcomer gives his daughter strong sleeping pills, Will chastises her for jeopardising her recuperation. Rose’s intentions to ruin Kim are put on hold by the confrontation, and she is compelled to tell Ruby of this.

14. Lydia is worried about Samson’s new buddy Josh since he turns out to be really difficult. The visitor tries to make eye contact with Amy. When Josh uses transphobia and deadnames Matty, things get even more messy after Matty calls him out on his unacceptable actions. In the ensuing struggle, Josh is demanding that Matty give him the cash from the till; however, Matty’s knife stabs Samson, injuring him. Will Samson be able to recover?

15. When Marlon gets home, Rhona is in the middle of a heated argument with Charles on Ivy’s baptism, and he accuses her of making yet another important choice without consulting him. Rhona tells him that Charles brought up the topic first, but Marlon keeps acting out, so he and Paddy go camping to work things out.

Liam was shocked upon learning Ella’s secret (Image: ITV)

16. Liam is in disbelief after learning about Ella’s major secret. As the two friends have a beer, Cain tells Liam that he loves him.


17. Freddie viciously attacks Ethan in an attempt to extract information from him on Warren’s activities. Following a gruelling struggle, Ethan discloses that Project Katie is the mission name. Equipped with this knowledge, Freddie breaks into Warren’s vehicle and discovers something unexpected!

Attack on Ethan (Photo: Lime Pictures)

19. When Sienna awakens, her arm is covered in blood and contains traces of sedative. As she charges James of being at fault, Martha steps in and introduces herself. While Martha at the major seems genuinely interested in Sienna’s family, Sienna quickly realises that Martha is actually a Blake!

19. Charlie encourages Frankie to go to Manchester for her ballet audition, but JJ is upset that she might have to go. Frankie is taken aback by the sight of JJ in the wings as she travels to Manchester for her audition at a prestigious theatre. Pretty soon, Frankie is in trouble.

Next week, Frankie’s narrative takes an unexpected turn (Image: Lime Pictures).

20. With the legend off the job, Nancy feels compelled to stay with Cindy and Dave. But what exactly has taken place?

21. Norma shares her experience of bereavement with Leela. They debate whether or not to pursue getting more medical testing done to determine whether or not they lost Noah. Joel becomes upset with Norma for bringing it up later at home.

Next-door neighbours

22. Byron and Nicolette get upset with Victor because of his interfering and advise him to get out of their romantic life. While Byron tries to patch things up with Sadie, who is still shook up from the marriage conversation, Nicolette makes fruitless attempts to make up with Amira.

There’s still turmoil because of Victor. (Figure: Freevee via Amazon)

23. As Amira’s presence keeps taking away from Mackenzie’s opportunities to spend meaningful time with Haz, she becomes upset. But when Mack discovers that Amira has totally excluded her from Haz’s legal case, things get even more convoluted, and tensions between the two escalate.

24. After the poisoning at the vineyard, Leo’s world keeps collapsing, and Andrew confirms that the bottle analysis is not conclusive. Meanwhile, Aaron tells him that the story has been picked up by a true crime podcast, which may lead to further press attention.

25. Toadie reiterates the prohibition on Nell seeing JJ, demonstrating his continued ignorance. Toad is unimpressed despite Nell’s immediate assurance that JJ is just a buddy going through a difficult moment rather than a horrible man.

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