Coronation Street fans left obsessing over rare appearance from soap ‘legend’ as they make demand

Fans of the ITV soap couldn’t believe what they were seeing

In Coronation Street, Dr. Gaddas is rounded up by Stephen Reid (ITV).

As one of the television program’s “legends” made a rare appearance on TV, Coronation Street viewers flocked to social media to post comments. On Friday night (July 7), sinister Stephen Reid made a new journey to the cobbles to carry out his covert plan to bump off Elaine Metcalfe, his intended wife.

The serial murderer had already taken out life insurance in her name, and the cash-strapped businessman would do anything it takes to acquire Carla Connor’s shares in Underworld as long as he can. Viewers of the ITV soap opera heard Stephen inform Elaine earlier this week that he had scheduled for her a wedding consultation with a personal shopper and that, because he was too busy, his mother Audrey was accompanying her.

Later, they eagerly returned with their wedding attire, but Elaine’s good mood was abruptly ruined when her son Tim once more made it apparent that he didn’t like Stephen and told them not to bother inviting him. Elaine was spotted sending Tim a letter explaining how much he had wounded her and how she couldn’t take it longer on the advise of her future spouse.

In an effort to further distance Elaine from her family, Stephen was then spotted photocopying the message before hand-delivering the original to Tim. He then told Elaine that Tim had rejected the note.

Then, on Friday night, Stephen was observed circling Dr. Gaddas in Roy’s Rolls, telling her he was concerned Elaine may do something serious since she refuses to seek therapy for her depression. Sally is left to inform Tim about Stephen’s concern that Elaine could be depressed as a result of the previous dispute and his advice to him to adjust his attitude for the benefit of his mother. Stephen also plants the idea in Sally’s mind.

Corrie viewers, however, were more preoccupied by watching Dr. Gaddas leave the surgery as the action proceeded on TV and expressed a demand. Tweeted by @itzzzo_: “Dr. Gaddas! Without her, our NHS couldn’t function. #Corrie.” “Yaaaayyyyy Dr Gaddas.. the only GP in Manchester,” commented @cb_038. #Corrie.”

In Roy’s Rolls, Dr. Gaddas made a rare appearance.

@fansvfavourites wrote: “Omfg Dr. Gaddas and her stunning new weave #Corrie.” “I wish I had Dr. Gaddas living on my street…and available at the drop of a hat,” tweeted @CavoloChe. #Corrie.” In jest, @debenham_jason requested the phone number for Dr. Gaddas. Can’t get an appointment with my doctor for weeks; give me a call and I’ll arrange one, and I’ll be seen in an hour #Corrie.”

@MrsCJPRice inquired, “How come everyone in #Corrie is able to schedule GP visits with the excellent Dr. Gaddas so easily? They are never forced to work with a locum, and they are never given the impression that time is running out. The only thing that @bredrew2 shared was “Queen Dr. Gaddas #Corrie.” At the same time, @mishybabez_ cried out, “Doctor Gaddas, I love her! Please #Corrie, make her a regular and invite her family.

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