Emmerdale spoilers: Mary disgusted as she gets bad news about con-woman Faye

Mary was duped by Faye. (Images from ITV)

Mary (Louise Jameson) is looking for some justice in Emmerdale after con artist Faye (Jane Gurnett) caused her to lose a significant portion of her funds and sustain a dent in her skull.

With Faye calling Mary an easy victim, the shyster had sought her through a dating app, preying on her weaknesses and good nature. Mary was duped by Faye into thinking they were in love, and she later convinced Mary that Faye managed a women’s shelter in Ecuador that urgently need money.

Mary was so kind that she reached deep into her pockets and gave a large sum of money while simultaneously holding a fundraiser to gather funds from the community. However, as soon as the money appeared in her account, Faye brutally exposed the plot twist in their love story and stole the cash.

Fake-lover Faye abandoned Mary for dead while trying to flee after Mary threatened to contact the police. Mary was shoved by Faye, and as she fled, Mary struck her head and was left bleeding.

Gus saved Mary’s life, and once she recovered, she pledged to repay everyone and said she would throw a celebration for the entire community after Faye got what was coming to her.

It could be time to get out the bunting because Mary has some wonderful news from the police: Faye has been detained and charged. When they discover Faye has another icy twist in store — she is denying everything — it is truly celebratory news.

Mary has been dealt a severe blow since it appears she won’t be able to get the necessary closure. Faye’s refusal to take responsibility for her misdeeds suggests that Mary will have to go through the pain that Faye caused her.

How will she handle it?

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