Coronation Street fans say ‘you’d have thought’ as they point out Harvey Gaskell blunder after Adam Barlow revenge

After his most recent attempts at retaliation, viewers of the ITV soap opera have noted that Adam and Damon might be able to take advantage of it.

Harvey Gaskell in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

After his most recent attempts at retaliation, viewers of Coronation Street have drawn attention to the same mistake made by Harvey Gaskell, which Adam Barlow and Damon Hay might exploit to their benefit.

The murderer and drug dealer has returned to television screens in the ITV soap opera, where he is incarcerated for the murder of Natasha Blakeman in a case of mistaken identity. He had escaped from jail in order to get revenge on Leanne Battersby, who had played a part in getting him locked up in the first place.

However, in January of this year, Harvey made a surprising comeback when he received some assistance from Adam. When Damon came back out on the street, the solicitor became enraged and gave his henchment orders to abduct him with the intention of killing him. But Damon, who dated Adam’s wife Sarah after having an affair with him, changed his mind and they are now dating.

Adam made the decision to try and help Harvey in an attempt to get his own back by pleading for Harvey’s release from jail in exchange for him permanently getting rid of his half-brother Damon. However, earlier this week, Corrie viewers witnessed Will Mellor’s villainous Harvey get revenge on Adam after learning that he had chosen to back out of their agreement.

Harvey made the decision to make his presence felt by hitting Adam and Damon where it hurts and sending one of his cronies to the street to pursue Sarah and her daughter Bethany after learning that Adam had given the police crucial CCTV evidence, ruining his prospects of filing an appeal.

However, Adam leaped in front of the rapidly approaching automobile, pushing Bethany aside and bearing the full weight of the hit-and-run himself, as the car sped around the corner and headed straight towards Sarah and Bethany. After Bethany and Sarah helped him, it was discovered in the hospital that Adam only had a broken arm and would recover.

Adam was knocked over in recent scenes (Image: ITV)

But Sarah pledged that she would find a way to thank her ex for saving her daughter’s life when she visited Adam at his bedside. She then advised them to put off getting a divorce in order to give themselves more time to figure out how they truly felt. Rather than consent, a distraught Adam gave Sarah the order to leave Weatherfield with her little son Harry, Bethany, and herself because they were all in danger.

Adam was permitted to leave the hospital during Wednesday night’s (March 6) trip to the cobbles, but Sarah was obviously still upset by what had happened and furious at her ex for putting them in danger. Promising to resolve the issue, Damon called Harvey when he was incarcerated. However, Harvey informed him that he needed money from him because his appeal was now unsuccessful and threatened further difficulties if he didn’t.

Harvey’s phone habits have got viewers talking (Image: ITV)

However, Corrie viewers couldn’t resist bringing up how many calls Harvey makes when inside on a covert phone. “You’d have thought prisons would be more onto inmates having phones,” @StuartYoung001 stated. Or perhaps it is that simple. #Corrie. Inquiry from @ChrisHydeCoope1: “So how does Harvey charge that phone he shouldn’t have in Klink???#Corrie.”

“Why doesn’t Damon just report Harvey for having a phone and harassing him?” said @StuartBeckMP. #corrie. “Why doesn’t Adam rat on Harvey and tell prison he has a phone?” echoed @cannylad23. #Corrie. “Why hasn’t anyone in that prison found that phone yet?” inquired @DavidJosephLaw2. Is he not able to hear him all the time? #Corrie.

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