Coronation Street is on tonight as Nathan is finally arrested – and so is Bobby

Coronation Street tonight comp image: Nathan and Bobby (Credit: ITV/Comp ED!)

Kit finds evidence to bring him in

Even though Coronation Street doesn’t usually show on Tuesdays, it is on tonight. In fact, in a departure from the usual schedule, it will be on every night this week.

And things are becoming hotter when Kit discovers evidence that implicates Nathan, leading to Nathan’s arrest. Does it imply, however, that he is aware of Lauren’s true fate?

Kit finds evidence against Nathan (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street is on tonight

The soap operas have had to change since Britain’s Got Talent is broadcasting the live semifinals every night at 8 p.m. this week. According to the revised weekly schedule, Coronation Street will air today, Tuesday, May 28, at 7.30 p.m.

Emmerdale, which broadcasts at 7.30 p.m. on weeknights, will resume at that time.

This will remain the same till Friday, June 1st of this week.

Swain takes Bobby in (Credit: ITV)

Two arrests made in Coronation Street tonight

Kit examines Nathan’s vehicle this evening after cautioning Sarah to let the police do their job last night (Monday, May 27). He discovers several USB sticks there. On suspicion of violating his order to avoid sexual harm, Kit then takes Nathan into custody.

It’s hardly the only arrest that occurs in the interim. DS Swain takes Bobby in as well.

To discover out why Carla and Roy are at odds, Swain first speaks with Carla. However, in her desperation to shield everyone connected to Bobby’s deception, Carla ends the discussion.

After that, Swain pays Roy a visit when he’s incarcerated. Has he had a falling out with Carla as a result of Bobby’s comments, she asks him directly?

Bobby is taken into custody shortly after on charges of tampering with the legal system. Sgt. Swain cautions Carla Nobody has benefited from Bobby’s falsehoods, which may have even hurt Roy’s case.

Carla is Lisa’s confidante (Credit: ITV)

Swain and Carla bond

Tonight, despite the setback caused by Bobby’s lies, Carla and Swain start to get along.

Carla hears Swain fighting with her daughter over the phone. Carla, who is sympathetic, lends a sympathetic ear. After thereafter, Swain tells Carla that her spouse passed away and that her daughter is having grieving issues.

As they become friends, will Carla provide assistance?

Roy is in danger (Credit: ITV)

Roy in danger in Coronation Street tonight

Things are becoming more terrifying for Bobby Roy on the inside as Nina informs Carla that he will soon have a trial date.

Griff goes inside his cell determined to get retribution. Will he accept it, though?

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