Coronation Street ‘reveals’ Joel Deering’s downfall as next victims ‘sealed’

When Joel Deering was exposed as the murderer of Lauren Bolton, Coronation Street may have hinted to two persons who may solve his murderous mystery.

Joel Deering of Coronation Street may have his sinister secret revealed because of two ITV soap opera characters.

Joel had a menacing face in a trailer for the upcoming episode, hinting that one character would be wary of him or that he might need to be quiet. Then, in a scene from Thursday night, some viewers thought Joel might be defeated by a single adolescent, while others questioned whether she would be his next victim.

On Thursday night, Joel was revealed as Lauren Bolton’s murderer as a flashback depicted the moment he viciously struck her with a wooden chair leg. Joel could have been rattled by a young girl named Hope Stape, who, when cleaning Joel’s car, discovered Lauren’s jewellery stolen.

Since Roy Cropper’s release, Nathan Curtis is being questioned and is currently the main suspect. Joel, his lawyer, is disguising his guilt. In a sneak peek, Joel is shown encouraging Nathan to enter a guilty plea in order to avoid going to trial.

Joel Deering of Coronation Street may have his sinister secret revealed because of two individuals. (Photo: ITV)

But will Nathan actually do this, or will he keep claiming his innocence and getting Joel into trouble? It appears that two persons may discover Joel’s falsehoods, which might lead to their being targeted or serve as the catalyst for Joel’s demise.

Joel encounters Bethany Platt in an odd moment at the bar in a clip that will appear on Friday. Given their troubled relationship, Bethany has been keen to see Nathan revealed as Lauren’s killer. Bethany seems to give Joel the side eye when he makes eye contact, but this might just be irritation that he’s standing in for Nathan.

Joel then gives her a strange, menacing glance. Does he intend to silence her, or may he be afraid of her? Is this a sign that Bethany could be in danger as she gets closer to the truth?

Hope Stape, the young one, may have given him a rumble. (Photo: ITV)

Hope, a teenager, is the one who discovered the necklace. If Hope is anything like me, she could use what she knows to blackmail Joel—unless, of course, she still hasn’t fully worked out the truth.

But may Hope be the one to uncover Joel’s actions and bring him down if she does begin to question him? Could it be that she knows too much and becomes Joel’s next target?

Although some viewers have speculated that Hope could be the target, the majority of fans think Joel has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Viewers have expressed concern that Joel may regret trying to take Hope on given her turbulent history.

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