Coronation Street spoilers: Paedophile Nathan’s fate revealed as several characters seal his comeuppance

Nathan on the phone outside a van in Corrie
He won’t last much longer (Picture: ITV)

The Coronation Street character Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) was completely taken aback by Nathan Curtis’s (Christopher Harper) reappearance.

In the midst of the inquiry into Lauren Bolton’s (Cait Fitton) apparent murder, the wicked guy who had molested Bethany when she was younger made a surprise visit to Weatherfield.

Bethany immediately confronted Nathan after spotting him at the site of Lauren’s last known movements and accused him of murdering Lauren.

In a recent episode, Nathan was placed under custody for violating his sexual harm prevention order when Kit (Jacob Robers) discovered an envelope containing several USB drives in the glove box of his van.

Bethany makes touch with Ellie, a young lady, while Nathan is interrogated by Kit and DS Swain (Vicky Myers).

Ellie tells Bethany that she once had a customer who was very romantic and lavished her with presents before becoming violent and threatening to murder her when they next met.

Joel (Calum Lill) goes to see Nathan at the start of the new week to talk about his plea. Furthermore, Joel is the one who actually killed Lauren, as far as we know.

Bethany meets Ellie, a young woman (Image: ITV)

Actor Calum Lill told us about his character’s excitement at having Nathan as a customer that he can now frame: “It was a huge stroke of luck.” On the day Nathan was questioned, he was the on-call solicitor.

“He is sitting there representing a man who is wrongly accused of the thing that he did; he just so happens to be in the right place at the right time.” When it is revealed that the hair in Nathan’s car belongs to Lauren, he is just as astonished as Nathan. Nathan doesn’t matter to him.

“I believe he can rationalise everything he has ever done in his mind.” In his opinion, he has never done anything wrong. He’s able to defend everything. Nathan is the lowest of the low, a rapist and groomer.

The true offender is prepared for framing Nathan (Image: ITV)

Joel, on the other hand, saw himself as someone who first assisted a female, with whom he had a sexual relationship. After that, the girl pushed his buttons and got what she wanted.

“And because Nathan has done so much wrong, it is acceptable for him to take the fall for this; his moral compass is completely off; he can compartmentalise anything.”

Concurrently, Bethany informs Craig (Colson Smith) about Ellie, noting that Nathan also mistreated her, and she can provide him Ellie’s address.

But when Craig arrives to Ellie’s flat, she discovers her flatmate, who says Ellie walked out because she seemed scared of something.

Will Ellie give enough proof, if Craig is able to locate her, to permanently remand Nathan in jail?

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