Coronation Street spoiler video: Jenny stunned by Owen’s shock suggestion amid huge crisis

As soon as Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) learns that the Rovers Return bar is experiencing inflation, she is forced to face some unsettling facts on Coronation Street.

Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and Toyah (Georgia Taylor) sold the bar to Jenny and Johnny (Richard Hawley) in 2018.

Jenny took over as the only owner of the business when she and Johnny were divorced. when Johnny passed away during Super Soap Week in 2021, Jenny now manages the bar with assistance from Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell), Sean (Antony Cotton), and Glenda (Jodie Prenger).

It should go without saying that Jenny adores the bar, and in this new video, she reacts angrily when Owen (Ben Hull) proposes that she sell the business if she can’t increase sales.

Owen is seeing Jenny, much to Stephen’s annoyance (Picture: ITV)

To join Carla (Alison King) and Stephen (Todd Boyce) in Underworld, Owen moved to Weatherfield. He makes it quite plain that his only concern is business and maximizing his profits, so it’s understandable that he finds Jenny’s remarks about how she doesn’t want to sell up since the Rovers is in her blood insulting.

Jenny doesn’t get the response she’s looking for (Pictures: ITV)

When Stephen shows there, Jenny leaves without giving Owen’s suggestion any thought. Owen says that if Jenny doesn’t want to raise pricing, she could call the brewery to see if they might purchase the boozer.

Jenny, however, has discovered herself in a challenging circumstance as a result of the ongoing cost of living issue and the fact that it followed the Coronavirus outbreak.
She’ll make an effort to balance the books in upcoming episodes by cutting back on meal portions.However, when the lights go out and there’s a huge crash from the kitchen, everything goes horribly wrong.

How, therefore, is Jenny going to escape this situation without giving up and selling?

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