Coronation Street spoilers: Adam boasts about sex with someone else to torment Sarah

Adam and Sarah’s relationship seems to be broken and beyond repair (Picture: ITV)

If hurting Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is what it takes for Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) to leave Coronation Street and forget about the previous few weeks, then so be it.

Since it was made public that Sarah had an affair with Damon (Ciaran Griffiths), the adored character has encountered a number of issues.

He soon discovered that Sarah was expecting, but she was unsure of whether Adam or Damon was the father.

This required the pair to set up a paternity test, but when it did, Sarah couldn’t bring herself to take a look.

When Stephen (Todd Boyce) poked his nose in, Sarah was forced to face the reality and realized that Damon is, in fact, the father of her child.

Sarah felt compelled to go to a gender reveal party at the Bistro while keeping Adam in the dark.

To Sarah’s surprise, Adam had discovered the DNA test results and humiliated her by having a balloon made with the words “It’s Damon’s” on the front, rather than revealing the gender of the child.

Adam warned Sarah that he would never be able to trust her again as everything started to fall apart.

Adam has started to have mental health issues as a result of all that has been happening. His panic episodes and anxiety are beginning to have a significant negative influence on his career.

Adam heads off into town (Picture: ITV)

In subsequent episodes, the solicitor’s downward spiral will continue as he gets drunk and tells Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) he’s going into town to drown his sorrows.

The next morning, a disheveled Adam returns from his night out and tells Daniel (Rob Mallard) that he had a nice night and didn’t get much sleep in an effort to make Sarah envious.

Will Adam realize that being drunk all the time isn’t the best way to absorb what has been happening even though things appear to be over for the couple?

Will he share his feelings with anyone?

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