Coronation Street spoiler video: Roy Cropper’s police confession makes everything worse

Soon in Coronation Street, the good-hearted Roy Cropper (David Neilson) makes a mistake that could endanger his career in Weatherfield.

After Cait Fitton’s character Lauren Bolton vanished, Roy learned from Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) that her landlord wasn’t pleased that she had been renting out the apartment.

When Bobby (Jack Carroll) came, Roy—who was frequently observed watching out for Lauren—took it upon himself to clean the apartment for Evelyn. However, Bobby was suspicious and questioned whether Roy was concealing something.

In this new video, Roy’s good nature comes back to haunt him when DS Swain (Vicky Myers) and Craig (Colson Smith) confront him.

A perplexed Swain asks in the cafe what Roy planned to do with Lauren’s possessions. He discloses that he’s washing some of her items in the upstairs apartment and that the trash was tossed in the trash.

Roy makes mistakes without even realising (Picture: ITV)

Roy’s in for a traumatic time (Picture: ITV)

A slip-up.

Roy informs Craig and Swain that he is cleaning Lauren’s clothes so they would be prepared for her should she come back. Though it seems strange to Swain, it is a considerate gesture.

Unfortunately, Roy’s mistakes don’t end there. Then, he informs the detective that since he was using rubber gloves while cleaning the apartment, having his fingerprints taken won’t be helpful.

Oh no.

Vicky Myers, who plays DS Swain, explained to us that “he ends up in the frame because she interviews Bobby and there are certain elements of that conversation that raise suspicion.”

Afterwards, she proceeds to interview Roy, and it seems that she finds him almost too wonderful to be true due to his candor and subtle weakness.

Because it almost looks too good to be true, I believe that this is where we as a community and as individuals may turn into cynics. Are people truly so generous as to go out of their way to encourage, assist, and even give someone a little extra after they have done something horrible?

She examines that closely and concludes, “That can’t be right.” This is giving people cause for concern. And that’s really where it goes from there.

Is Roy going to go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit?

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