Emmerdale viewers all say the same thing as ‘horrible’ Kerry Wyatt makes drastic return

Kerry Wyatt’s unexpected return to the town after a year away has left Emmerdale fans less than thrilled.

Watchers watched Kerry Wyatt (played by Laura Norton) unexpectedly return to the ITV soap opera on Thursday after leaving to work on her friend’s cruise ship. After working as a singer impersonator, Kerry showed there dressed as Cher, and PC Swirling dropped her off.

Soon after, in an attempt to mend their damaged relationship, she went to meet her daughter Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson). She disclosed during the catch-up that she had hurriedly departed the trip because her employer believed she had been stealing.

But it appears that a lot of Emmerdale watchers weren’t exactly thrilled to see Kerry back on the show. @Chris1968E lost it on Twitter, writing, “#Emmerdale and killer Kerry returns [sic].” “Oh, Angelica has to pay for Heath’s death,” the employers say. It’s only fair, but forget about Kerry and Amy murdering Frank and getting away with it.

@Shana_Banana_44 made the following comment: “Jeez, Kerry is so annoying. How on earth did they bring her back? awful persona “What’s up with returning characters in #Emmerdale being so annoying?” tweeted @mikepriestley13. Kerry is the second after Aaron.

“That’s all this program needs—Kerry back!” exclaimed @Margare16040532. It appears, though, that some fans were overjoyed to see the character return to the community.

Emmerdale viewers were not impressed with Kerry’s return (Image: ITV)

As @TraylorHolmes said: “Kerry is my love. So happy she’s returned.

“This time, I’m living for Kerry,” tweeted @flawedimperf.

While on maternity leave, ITV soap opera star Laura Norton briefly quit the show. In October 2022, the 40-year-old gave birth to her second child.

The actress gave fans a sneak peek at what to expect from Kerry now that she’s back in the Dales in interviews with Express.co.uk and other media outlets.

The actress was away from the soap for over a year on maternity leave (Image: ITV)

Laura said, “She just returned with a lot of cheek!

“She says she just wants to enjoy herself, live her life, and spend time with her family, but I can see she’s in a state of mind where she will undoubtedly make a poor choice.

I simply have a feeling that there will be a few mistakes. Perhaps, yes, it is Kerry, isn’t it?

Kerry has just recently moved to the village, but she has already chastised Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) for killing her during the Christmas season.

Many viewers, meanwhile, were eager to point out that Kerry had also killed someone before.

Kerry wasted no time in scolding Charity Dingle for killing someone last year (Image: ITV)

Kerry attempted to use charity money stolen from the sweet factory safe a few years ago in an attempt to assist her daughter in paying off debt.

They deleted the CCTV tape because they didn’t want any proof that may be used against them.

This caused a fire, in which Frank Clayton (Michael Praed) perished after sprinting into the flames to save his own daughter and then returning to retrieve the engagement ring he had brought.

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