Coronation Street spoiler video: Sarah receives a major shock as Adam’s secret plan is revealed

In this latest Coronation Street clip, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is portraying a brave face after deceiving Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) once again over the paternity test results.

After Adam said that he needed formal evidence that he is the father, Sarah was preparing to burn the DNA letter from the clinic in Friday’s (July 28) episode of the ITV soap opera.

Adam only thinks this way because of a mistake he had with Sarah a few weeks ago. He believed that Sarah had been informed of the findings and that his interaction with Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) had ended.

Sarah had indeed received the letter, but she tore it up and threw it away that evening because she couldn’t bear to face the truth.

Once again, everything will breakdown. (Image from ITV)

The participation of Stephen (Todd Boyce) convinced Sarah that she wanted to know for sure if Adam was the father or not. She pieced the letter together and broke down in tears, telling us that Damon is probably the father of her child.

Sarah’s attempt to deliver the letter before Adam yesterday was disastrous since she had to accompany Harry to the emergency room. Stressed, she agreed to Stephen’s assistance. Stephen obtained the paperwork, burned it, and then created another stating that the test proved Adam’s paternity.

Sarah was shocked when she learned the truth, but she finally decided against telling Adam since he was busy planning a gender reveal party and was enthusiastic about purchasing his kid a kilt.

Following Stephen’s interference, Adam now thinks that he is the father of Sarah’s child (Image: ITV).

In this new video, said gender reveal begins. Everyone in Sarah and Adam’s family exclaims “surprise” as they enter.

Sarah chooses to express her regret for the recent uproar she created on this pleasant occasion.

Adam is standing behind Sarah as she talks about moving on. He doesn’t exactly seem persuaded as he hears his wife discuss making errors and beginning again.

Sarah will open the balloon box in front of her guests to announce the gender of her unborn child, and later in the week, it seems that’s when things started to go terribly wrong for the character as she is shown attempting to speak to Adam to preserve her marriage.

Is this couple’s story really over?

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