Coronation Street spoiler videos reveal Aaron forces Amy to lie about rape and Stephen moves in for the kill

The video clips from next week depict more horrors for Amy and Stephen’s nefarious scheme. (Image from ITV)

Your most recent Coronation Street spoilers have arrived, offering a brand-new peek at what’s to come – and it’s a major week!

Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) experiences dramatic situations as she is compelled to give in to the pressure and deny what happened to her.

When Amy’s letter exonerating Aaron (James Craven) is rejected by him, Amy understandably loses her cool and snaps.

After switching out Elaine’s blood pressure medicine, the nefarious Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) goes in for the kill once more, poisoning her with caffeine tablets.

Poor Elaine is blind to the next stage of his diabolical plan.

Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), who is in the Rovers, is torn about forgiving his wife Sarah (Tina O’Brien).

To make up his mind, he needs a few wise words from the extremely wise Ken (William Roache).

Here are the teaser videos for next week.

Monday June 12

After abandoning Sarah, Adam is still grieving, so he confides in Ken. Ken then inquires as to if he still loves her and adds that this is all that matters.

Ken, who has had relationships before, describes how despite some difficulties, his time with Deirdre was the happiest of his life.

Adam feels reflective after the chat.

Wednesday June 14

After gleefully pondering what she would do without him, Elaine cheerfully consumes the caffeine-infused beverage that Stephen has secretly added to.

Start by merely surviving.

Friday June 16

Amy has composed a letter to retract her claim, but Aaron is unimpressed and tells her it is illogical after reading it.

Amy responds that it’s difficult to create a letter of falsehoods and that he is aware that he sexually assaulted her.

Amy, who is unhappy, begs him to simply write it himself since she just wants this to be over while he protests that it still makes him appear guilty.

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