Coronation Street spoilers: Adam Barlow dumps wife Sarah as she confesses sex with Damon

Adam struggles to forgive Sarah for her betrayal (ITV image)

In dramatic scenes, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) divorced his wife Sarah (Tina O’Brien), leaving his wedding band behind as he left their apartment.

Since her son Harry had seen them kissing, Sarah had to brace herself to admit her romance with Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths).

Adam struggled to comprehend it, especially after Sarah, who was upset, acknowledged that it had been more than simply a kiss.

She went on to say that Adam’s threat to murder Damon had sparked her hidden desire out of lust and excitement.

He barged into the Bistro event and started to assault his rivals over her, but he was stopped.

But he revealed what Sarah had done to the bustling restaurant, and when he realised Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) had heard, he immediately fired her.

Sarah expressed her hopes that they could sort things out when he got home, but it doesn’t appear to be going that way.

Is there no turning back now that Sarah has admitted it?

As she described Sarah’s emotions to us, Tina O’Brien moaned, “It’s just the worst, and the guilt is incredible.”

When she attempts to explain to Adam why, she admits that it was primarily out of lust and a desire to escape from being merely someone’s wife, someone’s mother, or someone at work.

I believe that she is really afraid that the marriage will fail since she is preparing to essentially put a grenade into it.

She has a solid reason to be upset since Adam informs her that he never actually wedded her and left the wedding band behind.

Because she still really wants to be with Adam, Tina said, “the guilt, the feeling of disgust at herself, and also the realisation that she might have ruined everything are just overwhelming.”

Is this really it? Even if Sarah will make every effort, it could already be too late.

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