Coronation Street spoiler videos reveal dead body found, Audrey’s revenge and Stephen escapes in major week

Stephen’s reign of terror reaches a shocking conclusion in an unmissable week for Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street preview videos for the next shocking resolution to Stephen Reid’s murder mystery are out, and they are well worth seeing since they give you a sneak peek at what’s in store.

The venerable soap opera is going all out for ITV’s annual Super Soap Week, airing must-see episodes chock full of drama and mayhem on both Corrie and Emmerdale.

The murderer’s crimes are expected to be made public, making Stephen’s demise the ideal cobbles plot to take center stage.

Want to get a sneak peek at what’s to come?

To hold you over until our next trip to the cobbles, we’ve created four little video that preview the aforementioned activities.

As usual, this week’s revelations have ramifications that extend into the following week. With so many issues yet unresolved, here are some fresh video spoilers.

Monday October 9

Tim investigates the canal after growing uneasy about Stephen’s involvement in the initiative to dredge the canal. He pokes about and discovers the rooftop box that was formerly fastened to Stephen’s car. When he prys it open, he is shocked to see a corpse’s hand slip out.

Tim rushes back to his cab and calls the police to report his find, but to his dismay, Stephen has suddenly arrived and moved into the back seat of the car as ominous music plays, indicating Tim’s doom.

Will he be able to make it out alive? Or will Stephen continue to exact revenge until his terror reign comes to an end?

Stephen, who has been cleaned up, commands Jenny to treat herself to a bath at home on the Street.

Jenny agrees to do just that, and when she leaves, Stephen phones the airline to move his ticket ahead to tomorrow while announcing to the person he would no longer be traveling with, Jenny.

Wednesday October 11

Following Sarah’s information, Audrey rushes over to Stephen’s apartment to confront the murderer about his brutality and admit that she is aware of his effort to swindle her.

Stephen tries to shift the blame by saying that Audrey is to blame and that it’s her fault he stole the money as restitution for all the years she was abandoned, but Audrey quickly responds and says she is not to blame.

In an effort to get away, Stephen pretends he has a meeting and must go immediately. Audrey is having none of it, however, and blocks his exit while demanding that he tell her everything.

Stephen notices a trophy smeared in blood on the floor. Will he kill his own mother with the object in question? How far will he really go to get away?

Gail, David, Sarah, Elaine, and Peter scramble to find Stephen as David, much to Gail’s amazement, confesses that he believes his uncle killed both Leo and Teddy.

The family is desperate to find Audrey because she went missing, but Stephen is able to flee and avoid inquisitive eyes by boarding a cab. But can he get off the stepping stones?

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