Coronation Street spoilers: Watch the moment Audrey Roberts confronts Stephen Reid after the truth is revealed

When Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) learns of Stephen Reid’s betrayal on Coronation Street the next week, Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid will have some serious explaining to do.

Next week, as part of Super Soap Week, the twisted serial killer’s reign of terror is expected to come to an explosive end, with a number of must-see episodes on the schedule.

Many of the best on the Street are already aware of Stephen, and more will become aware of his lethal secrets next week. One of them is Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), and in following moments, we’ll see her tell Audrey about her concerns.

As you may expect, Audrey is upset to learn that Stephen tried to scam her.

Fans will recall that Stephen released the equity on Audrey’s house on Grasmere Drive soon after his return to the cobbles, taking thousands of pounds from his mother’s savings in an effort to make good on his theft from his wife Gabrielle.

Audrey wants answers from Stephen, but will he provide what she’s looking for? (Picture: ITV)

He has kept Audrey in the dark about his acts, but beginning next week, she will learn the truth.

The cobbles icon enters Stephen’s apartment in the above preview clip, which is from Wednesday’s (October 11) episode of the ITV soap opera. She interrupts a confrontation between Stephen and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and makes it obvious that she wants an explanation.

In classic Stephen manner, Stephen tries to gaslight Audrey by blaming her for his misdeeds, but Audrey is quick to respond, fully aware that it is her son who is to blame.

When Stephen tries to leave, he says he has a meeting he needs to get to, but Audrey blocks the doorway and won’t let him go until he explains what he did.

Out of alternatives, Stephen notices a bloody trophy on the ground, but would he use it to make his own mother the next victim?

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