Coronation Street spoiler videos ‘seal’ one resident’s fate as two ‘become prime suspects’ in different crimes

With fingers pointed and questions asked, a number of Corrie’s finest will find themselves in hot water (Picture: ITV)

In a very hectic week on the cobbles, there are a lot of questions as Coronation Street spotlights many favorites and Metro gets a first peek in our new video snippets.

Next week on the ITV soap opera, a murder will be committed as Adam Barlow attempts to back out of his plan to liberate Harvey Gaskell, only to find out what happens next.

Meanwhile, Roy Cropper is compelled to respond to some interrogation from a curious Bobby, who starts to piece things together and comes up with a completely incorrect conclusion.

Dylan Wilson’s devotion to Mason Radcliffe will also be put to the test when Craig Tinker and his associates show up at No. 11 to question him about a misplaced knife.

I have some brand-new video spoilers for you if you’re ready for a first glimpse at what’s expected to be another spectacular week on the well-known fictitious street.

You’re extremely welcome.

Monday March 4

Adam knows that what he did just would have major consequences for him when he returns to his job. As he would have predicted, he gets a call from Harvey informing him that he is a “dead man.”

Adam asks Harvey what he should have done, acting as if he had no idea. Harvey reveals that his plan to blame John for Natasha’s murder has failed since the man’s CCTV was turned in to the police on false pretenses.

Harvey doesn’t believe Adam when he claims he had nothing to do with it, even if he did, and he keeps saying that Adam is living on borrowed time. Once the conversation has been terminated, the criminal picks up again, informing the person on the other end that he has to take care of someone.

Oh Adam, what have you done, darlings?

When Craig and several other uniformed cops show up at No. 11 and say they have cause to believe that the property in question may contain a knife that was used in an assault, Eileen and Sean are left stunned.

Both Eileen and Sean are taken aback by the hypothesis, but their focus is diverted to Dylan, who seems to be more than he’s letting on.

Friday March 8

In order to help the owner locate a new renter, Roy is cleaning Lauren Bolton’s apartment as a favor to Evelyn.

Bobby begins to wonder that there may be more to Roy’s good deed than meets the eye when he finds the beloved café owner on his hands and knees cleaning.

Is Roy going to be connected to Lauren’s disappearance?

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