Coronation Street spoilers: Abi furious at Kevin cheating on her but it’s not what it seems

Abi was not impressed (Picture: ITV)

When Abi Webster (Sally Carman), who lives with her husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell), saw a mascara smudge in the bathroom they share, it came as quite a shock.

She confronted a horrified Kevin and demanded to know who owned the offensive makeup item, which put Kevin in a difficult situation.

The mascara actually belonged to Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney), despite the fact that Kevin was unable to publicly admit it while Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) was around.

Fortunately, Tyrone left quickly, allowing Kevin to be honest with Abi and break the ice between them.

He related how Cassie had become quite intoxicated the previous evening and had requested a location to remain the night so Tyrone wouldn’t see her in such a condition.

Tyrone has been worried about his mother because of her drug abuse, and she didn’t want to add to his worries.

Abi was obviously glad that Kevin hadn’t cheated on her, even if she didn’t believe it was a good idea to keep secrets from Tyrone.

She explicitly stated that he should consider himself lucky that she had matured because, in the past, she would have “shot first and asked questions later.”

Tyrone, meantime, was still completely unaware of Cassie’s whereabouts the night before.

Tyrone was unaware of how complicated things had become since she had persuaded him that she had met up with a friend and stayed with them.

How will he feel about Kevin’s concealment and if he’ll ever learn the truth?

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