Alison King reveals if Carla Connor is leaving amid Coronation Street murder story

Will Carla stick around (Picture: REX)

Although Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) reign of terror is expected to end this month in spectacular Coronation Street fashion, a serial murderer like him still has plenty of time to carry out other attacks.

Could Carla Barlow (Alison King), who is about to confront Stephen about spiking her drinks with LSD, be in danger of dying before this narrative is over?

Alison King, an actress, claims that won’t be the case.

She said, “Yes, I think so,” when asked if she would remain on the cobbles once her on-screen husband Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) left.

Carla Stans has excellent news!

Alison hinted how this will effect Carla moving forward, suggesting that she will be both stronger for it but also more wounded than ever before, leaving Carla to grapple with the realization that she was correct about not having had another psychotic episode.

The inflow of all those things is coming. The good news is that she will know the truth about what happened, one way or another.

As a result of Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) falling for Stephen’s deception, Carla’s business—her one real love—is in danger.

Carla is on to Stephen (Picture: ITV)

When Michael permits Stephen to move the whole amount of the Underworld accounts into another account, he is certain that he is acting morally and is ignorant that the new account is a false one that Stephen himself created.

Carla will be left concerned about the future of Underworld as there would be no money left for the business.

The factory’s damage depends on whether the problem can be handled and how much harm it will do.

“With Carla, the odds are always stacked against her.” It usually involves money and people’s livelihoods, and I anticipate it will be impacted once again until she resolves the issue with the manufacturer.

Peter’s departure is of course the cherry on top of all of this, and like many of us fans, Ali is sad to see him go but assures us that everything will be OK.

My spouse, he is! It will be alright. We have become such close friends since moving into each other’s homes and lives. Chris’s wife Caroline will look after him for me. Chris is constantly missed, but everything will be OK.

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