Coronation Street spoilers: Adam finishes with Sarah as her lies about the baby are exposed

Adam was aware of the reality (ITV).

On Monday, July 31,’s episode of Coronation Street, a gender reveal party went horribly wrong when it became a father-of-the-baby reveal party.

The day began with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) in a good mood as he prepared the celebration at the bistro later that day to announce whether he and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) were expecting a boy or a girl. Adam gave the order for the Platt and Barlow families to get together in order to present “a united front,” but he cautioned them to keep it a secret from Sarah.

In order to surprise Adam and Sarah when the package was opened, it was planned that the balloon firm would work with the clinic to covertly put the right color balloon in a box.

Daniel (Rob Mallard) believed that this was a poor idea since it would be incorrect to categorize the infant as blue or pink from the beginning. He had to deal with too many students who had gender difficulties at school. Daniel promised to resolve the issue and contact the balloon business after the clinic refused to talk to them.

Adam assured Daniel not to worry, he would handle it since the clinic took patient confidentiality very seriously and would not even talk to him.

At this time, Adam naturally thought he was the baby’s father and had relegated any concerns he may have had about Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) being a potential father to the back of his mind. Unaware that it was a quickie that Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) had whipped up on the office printer to aid his niece Sarah, he even had a note proving this.

The gathered family made an effort to blend in. Because of her knees, Audrey (Sue Nicholls) refused to crouch. While waiting for the soon-to-be parents to arrive at the restaurant, David (Jack P. Shepherd) made a joke about his family: “Crouching Gran, concealed Gail (Helen Worth).

Everyone leaped out and yelled “Surprise!” as Sarah and Adam arrived. Sarah feigned to be startled, but Stephen had already given her the heads-up when she was concerned that everyone was behaving strangely around her.

Sarah surprised herself when she opened the gift. (Image from ITV)

Sarah began to speak about her and Adam’s relationship picking up, but she missed the fact that Adam was sporting a downcast and disinterested expression. The balloon should be released once she opens the package, he urged.

A white balloon with the words “It’s Damon’s” printed on it rose into the air in a blast of confetti.

Sarah was shocked and perplexed. She assumed Damon was pulling a cruel prank. She had believed that Adam would never learn differently since they had the letter certifying the child was his. Like her, he said, the letter was a forgery. The actual letter was in his possession.

Later, Adam was packing when Sarah returned home. She pleaded with him to give it another go in order to preserve their relationship. She argued that because Adam loves Harry despite not being his father, he may come to love the newborn as well, and the two of them might form a real family.

Adam was not having it and said that because of all the falsehoods she had told, he would never be able to trust her again.

He said, “We’re done,” and it’s difficult to see how they can save their marriage at this point.

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