Race against time in Emmerdale video – as Amelia prepares to make a huge mistake

In a brand-new Emmerdale spoiler video, Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) are in a race against time to prevent Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) from making a critical error.

Julie, the stalker Lloyd’s wife, confronts Amelia, who then goes to Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill), who advises her to fabricate an assault by Lloyd in order to protect her father.

After an incident in which Lloyd was hospitalized after being punched once by Dan, Dan is scheduled to appear in court.

After Lloyd was discovered to be pursuing Amelia, a fit of wrath caused the blow to be delivered.

Sarah quickly has a change of heart, though, and becomes concerned about the potential harm Amelia may cause by deciding to tell such a massive falsehood.

Will Dan be able to stop Amelia making a huge mistake? (Picture: ITV)

It is evident in the latest video that Dan and Victoria are having trouble finding Amelia and have turned to Sarah for assistance in doing so.

Dan is anxious to find out where his daughter is as Sarah confesses her remorse for planting thoughts in Amelia’s brain.

He and Victoria may be seen running out to intercept her before she goes too far once Sarah has finished explaining everything.

PC Swirling discovers Amelia in the police station, raising the possibility that they may already be too late.

PC Swirling asks Amelia what he can do to assist, and she looks to be divided about her choice. However, Amelia finally decides to move ahead with her plan after telling him that she needs to say something about Lloyd.

Will Dan and Victoria arrive in time to stop Amelia from lying to the police as she prepares to do so?

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