Coronation Street spoilers: Aftermath of killer Stephen’s downfall revealed

Is this the end? (Image from ITV)

In this week’s episode of Coronation Street, Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) will come to terms with the fact that Stephen Reidd (Todd Boyce) isn’t really a good and honest partner after all.

Elaine has been persuaded for months that she has finally found The One, but Stephen has merely been seeing her in order to have access to a lot of money.

Stephen intends to do this, among other things, by purchasing a life insurance policy. He put everything up knowing that if Elaine passed away, his bank account would suddenly have more money.

As time passed, Stephen came up with the plot to push Elaine to her death when they were having a romantic getaway in the Peak District.

Elaine learns from a family photo that the lady she saw Stephen on a date with was actually his ex-wife, Gabrielle, as Stephen and Elaine get ready.

Elaine leaves the house while concealing her panic and informs Tim (Joe Duttine) that Stephen has been deceiving her.

Elaine shows Tim a metal box that Stephen uses to store items as they piece together all the suspicious behaviour. Tim successfully opens it, and to his surprise, he discovers the fake life insurance paperwork.

Tim and Stephen get into a brawl (ITV image).

After Elaine leaves the scene, Tim waits for Stephen. When Stephen comes, Tim informs his adversary that the game is over and they’re going to report him to the police, which sparks a fight between the two.

Taiji coach Gerry extends an invitation to Elaine for a drink as a new week begins. Although she is touched, she believes that it is too soon.

In the meanwhile, Audrey (Sue Nicholls) asks Tim to confirm with Elaine that she wants Stephen gone when Gail (Helen Worth) and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) arrive to collect Stephen’s belongings from the flat.

What has changed though?

Did anyone get wounded during the argument?

Has Stephen been left with nothing at all as a result?

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