Dan Brocklebank ‘honoured’ by Coronation Street’s first ever successful gay wedding

As Billy Mayhew, Daniel is in the midst of an emotional drama. Images from Shutterstock/ITV

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) and Billy Mayhew (Dan Brocklebank), a couple from Coronation Street, are going through the worst imaginable situation as Paul battles the ever-worsening consequences of his Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Paul has seen a steady deterioration of his symptoms and is aware that time is running out and there is no known treatment for the condition. As difficult as it is for him to deal with, his loved ones, especially Billy, of course, find it to be excruciatingly agonising.

Dan Brocklebank, who has firsthand knowledge of MND because his grandpa passed away from the condition, and who has since worked with the MND Association, made the point to us that it’s crucial that the programme also emphasises the good times as well as the tragic ones.

“I think you don’t spend your whole day just focusing on that diagnosis when you are living with a terminal diagnosis,” he said. You do try to live in the present, especially if you have MND, because you might walk normally when you wake up one morning, but by midday, your right leg may have given out and will never be the same. I believe that it is important to live in the present, and we are doing just that.

Out of a very sad circumstance when Paul asks Billy to assist him in passing away when the time comes, Paul finally proposes to his partner.

“I need to ask you when Paul says I’ve got something.” Billy presumes there will be a proposal right away, Dan added. He is always so eager. He dresses up for himself. He turns on a candle. When the moment comes, Paul essentially asks him to assist him in killing himself. Not at all what he had anticipated. However, Paul does finally ask him to marry him, and he is overjoyed.

Dan informed us that the marriage itself is what matters most to Billy, despite the fact that Billy is a little sad that they can’t get married in a church.

Billy and Paul have an intense discussion. (Image from ITV)

“I believe that Paul’s impending death is the key,” she said. On some level, it seems sense that he would want to wed in a church because that is his perfect wedding. However, being aware that it is impossible. I think it’s better to wed a man you love, even if it’s outside of a religious context, than to never wed him at all.

After Sian Powers (Sacha Parkinson) and Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) previously only made it to the altar but didn’t tie the knot, if and when the wedding goes through, it will be the first homosexual wedding on Coronation Street.

Dan claimed that he feels honoured to be doing this.

“I’m delighted and feel a little honoured.” After all, the programme had long-running homosexual characters before Billy, including Todd (Gareth Pierce), Sean (Antony Cotton), and Sophie. And I’m overjoyed that our wedding will now actually happen.

Billy should get the first one since he has spent so much time on the other side of the altar, and because he is a devout guy, it is crucial in that regard as well. Nevertheless, he hasn’t always been a good omen for marriages. Most of the weddings he presided over didn’t turn out well! Hope that doesn’t bring bad luck.

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