Coronation Street spoilers: Big shock as troubled teen Lauren makes a pass at Roy Cropper

Lauren has had a miserable life so far (ITV image)

We anticipated a fight to break out when it was revealed that Cait Fitton was coming back to Coronation Street only months after leaving to resume her role as Lauren Bolton.

And in a shocking turn of events in the next weeks, she is likely to act in a more unsettling manner as she advances on a helpless Roy Cropper (David Neilson).

Lauren was introduced as a part of the extreme gang plot line that saw Max Turner (Paddy Bever) being groomed by the fascist gang into a life of crime.

She was the daughter of a gang member and quickly became Max’s lover. Through her cunning actions, she made it simpler for Max to fall under the gang’s sway.

Lauren moved home with her mother in Cornwall when the police detained members of the gang after a bomb was put in the Speed Daal van and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) was stabbed.

Since her return, we’ve learned that despite Max moving on with new girlfriend Sabrina (Luana Santos), she still has affections for him.

Additionally, she keeps in touch with her imprisoned father Reece (Scott Anson). Although Cait Fitton told us it’s natural that Reece’s bad mentality has infected his daughter, it’s arguable to what extent she’s still under his sway.

She said, “I believe she has inherited her father’s beliefs and opinions, and she has never been able to make her own choices, have her own decisions, or make her own ideas of things.” I believe that parents have such a significant impact on a child’s life that if hatred is all around you, how can you possibly know any other way?

She is undoubtedly a disturbed young lady, but Weatherfield has residents who are willing to assist her and give her another shot. Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) is one of them.

Working at Roy’s Rolls, Max’s stepmother convinces her employer Roy to give Lauren a trial employment at the café the next week.

Lauren begins working at Roy’s Rolls, but she soon does something unexpected (Image: ITV)

Lauren is anxious but thankful for the opportunity, but her first day is ruined when Max texts to say he won’t have time to stop by and support her as promised.

She is devastated to learn that he is really spending time with Sabrina, and she jealously observes as the two of them go home.

Cait Fitton informed us that “she is completely heartbroken.” Max was her last option. Her whole life has suddenly crumbled since she returned, and I believe what she is experiencing is very appropriate. The problem is that as stress levels rise, we instinctively erupt and vent our frustrations on other individuals.

Shona is encouraging and later informs Lauren that Roy has decided to make the position permanent despite this setback and a few missteps since Lauren’s focus is genuinely not on her work.

Lauren, who is unstable, isn’t accustomed to receiving compassion, so may she mistake Roy’s generosity? When she makes a move on him, things undoubtedly change.

How would the adamantly moral Roy respond to this predicament?

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