Coronation Street spoilers: Billy hit with huge loss after wedding to Paul

Twice, they knotted the knot! [Images: ITV]

In Coronation Street, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), who just married Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), is going to have a rough few weeks.

The adored characters exchanged vows at a ceremony at the Bistro, but Paul later gave Billy a shocking surprise by revealing that they had been married in a church.

As it is illegal for same-sex couples to be married in a Church of England, Billy and Paul were forced to get married at the Bistro.

Paul revealed his secret and said that Billy’s Southern buddy, who is a clergyman, had consented to secretly marry them at a church. They moved over to attend another ceremony, when Billy shed tears of joy that his goal had finally come true.

Billy and Paul were happy than ever as the emotional day drew to an end, but they were still ignorant that a Polaroid image had been dumped on the chapel floor.

The picture unmistakably depicted Billy and Paul getting married, and Billy would have to deal with the unjust and distressing repercussions tomorrow night.

Billy and Paul tied the knot at both the church and the bistro! (Image: ITV)

Billy notices that the Polaroids of them exchanging rings is gone as he looks through them.

Billy has breached the rules, but the Bishop is ready to overlook it because of the circumstances, thus the mystery is answered when he shows up with the photo.

Later, the Bishop comes back to inform Billy and Paul that the church warden has issued a request for feedback on social media. When the couple reads the comments, they are shocked to find how many homophobic remarks there are.

After that, Billy appears on a radio program and speaks eloquently about his religion and how he will never look back on marrying the guy he loves, even if he is sorry if he has offended any churchgoers.

At home, Billy answers a call from the Bishop and informs Paul that he has been placed under indefinite suspension by the Church, suggesting that the interview was insufficient.

What will he do afterwards, though?

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