Coronation Street spoilers: Bitter Amy takes revenge on Tracy as she tries to force Tommy into her life

Amy looks less than impressed (Picture: ITV)

Next week, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) of Coronation Street will take matters into her own hands as her mother Tracy’s (Kate Ford) affair with Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn) goes on.

When Amy learned that her mother had been disloyal and had been having a passionate affair with her husband Steve (Simon Gregson) for months, she was horrified.

The adulterers got together for the first time on Christmas Day, and soon Tracy hired him to arrange flowers and adorn her bedroom.

Neighbor Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) could no longer see his closest friend lying to him and came clean when he climbed a ladder outside No. 1 and discovered them in the act.

She comes face to face with the man who has tore her family apart! (Picture: ITV)

Having attempted in vain to rekindle his marriage and even suggested that he and Tracy repeat their vows, poor Steve is now having to deal with the fallout from his world collapsing around him.

Steve was allowed to stay after Ken (William Roache) gave his daughter the order to pack her bags after learning about the event.

In later scenes, Tracy will be trying to convince her family to accept her invitation to lunch at the restaurant with Amy.

She orders the most costly bottle of champagne since she is embarrassed to see Tommy sit down with them at the table. She then goes about exacting her own revenge on them both.

Later on in the day, in an attempt to lift her father’s spirits, Amy asks Steve if he’d like to go to a movie. However, he gets upset when Toyah (Georgia Taylor) unintentionally informs him about how well Tommy and Amy got along at lunch.

Can Amy win her father over once more?

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