Coronation Street spoilers: Devastating scenes as ailing Paul Foreman crashes to the ground ahead of death

Paul has another terrible tumble. (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

Future Coronation Street scenes will include Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) taking a terrible fall as his motor neurone disease (MND) symptoms become worse.

The character’s actor, Peter Ash, was seen shooting on location for the ITV soap opera scenes that will run later this year.

The pictures show Paul moving about with a walking stick, but things change when he falls to the ground. This occurs immediately after he fell to the ground as he exited a bus when his leg gave up.

As viewers are aware, the builder visited the doctor earlier this year owing to hand problems that prohibited him from working and was diagnosed with MND.

He had believed that his inability to work had been caused by an earlier injury, so when the neurologist verified that he had MND, it came as a tremendous shock to him.

Since there is presently no treatment for MND, this plot will inevitably result in Paul’s death and Peter Ash’s departure from the program.

When the plot was originally revealed, the actor commented, “I’ll be sad to leave the show.” “I’ve met wonderful people; it’s been such an amazing job,” he said.

Peter Ash was seen recording sequences for Paul’s narrative on site. (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

Paul kept his illness a secret for months until finally telling Billy Matthew (Daniel Brocklebank) and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell), who both promised to help him.

Billy persuaded Paul to attend an MND support group, and he eventually does, but the situation suddenly changes the next week, leaving Billy in disbelief.

In the subsequent sequences, Paul will drop to the ground (Image: MCPIX / Zenpix)

Paul is motivated by Shelly from the support group, who exhorts him to take responsibility and tells him to act on whatever dreams he may have had.

Paul follows her advise and informs Billy that he has a crucial question for him. Billy is anticipating Paul’s proposal with excitement, so he gets ready to pop the question.

Motor neurone illness has been identified in the character. (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)
Next week, Paul tells Billy that he wants him to assist him in taking his own life (Image: MCPIX / Zenpix).

But Paul makes it clear that he’d prefer him to assist him in taking his own life when the time comes.

Actor Daniel Brocklebank told us that Billy was “absolutely horrified” about the discovery. ‘Because his duty as an archdeacon is very much about celebrating the life they have left rather than ending it, in addition to going against his own personal moral stand.

Since Paul told his loved ones about his condition, they have been supporting him. (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

He wants to spend more time with them rather than less. He is thus frightened beyond belief that Paul is even thinking about it.

Billy’s opposition to assisted suicide, in my opinion, has several causes, both personally, professionally, and spiritually.

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