Former Emmerdale star Max Parker shares awkward encounter with Chris Hemsworth

“Imma treasure that moment.”

Max Parker, a former cast member of Emmerdale, recently revealed a rather embarrassing experience he had with Chris Hemsworth.

The Luke Posner actor joked on Threads that he would “treasure” the time the Marvel star allegedly discovered him in a somewhat intimate setting in the bathroom.

The actor tweeted, “Chris Hemsworth opened my locked cubicle door and caught me snorting while picking my nose.” “I’m gonna cherish that second.”

Max portrayed Luke Posner in Emmerdale for two years, from 2016 to 2021, but since then, the actor has taken up parts in Peacock’s Vampire Academy and Netflix’s Blood, Sex and Royalty.

More recently, the actor was cast in the Netflix series The Corps with actors Miles Heizer from 13 Reasons Why, Vera Farmiga from The Conjuring, and Liam Oh.

According to the series’ official description, “The Corps is set in 1990 and follows Cameron, a tormented homosexual high school student who enlists in the Marine Corps with his closest buddy, Ray, who is straight – a risky choice at a time when being gay in the military meant doing time in prison or worse.

These two buddies go on a terrible transformational trip with a battalion of young men as they enter Marine Corps boot camp, where landmines are both actual and figurative.

Max will take on the character of Sgt. Sullivan, a “elite Recon Marine [who] has been decorated for valour on numerous top-secret missions” and works to get Cameron ready for the “personal war” he will have to fight after boot camp.

Pinch me doesn’t cut it, the actor said on Instagram in response to his casting. LEAVE NOW.

Emmerdale streams on ITVX and airs on ITV1 every night at 7.30 p.m.

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