Coronation Street spoilers: Distraught Sally Metcalfe consoled as hope fades for Tim

Sally is worried that Tim might be dead (Picture: ITV)

After Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) reign of terror, Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) is terrified for her loving husband Tim (Joe Duttine) on Coronation Street the next week.

Tim disappeared without a trace earlier in the week, which upset the previous mayor of Weatherfield. Later in the week, she discovered that he had not gone to the football game she had assumed he was at.

As viewers are aware, Tim was looking into Stephen on his own since he had long-standing doubts about him. On his expedition, he went to the canal and discovered a corpse in the water.

The body in issue was none other than Teddy’s, who Stephen had earlier this year killed with a hole puncher.

Tim hurried back to his taxi to inform Stephen of the finding, but Stephen was waiting for him. The murderer struck Tim in the back of the head and left him restrained and gagged in the rear of a boot after attempting to strangle Tim.

Stephen attempted to murder Tim (Picture: ITV)

After dousing the automobile with gasoline, Stephen had planned to put it on fire, but a police helicopter hovering overhead foiled his nefarious scheme.

Is Tim still there, though? Is he still alive, assuming that is the case?

Now that Stephen has finally passed away, the focus is on missing Tim. In the scenes that follow, Sally is seen worrying about what Stephen intended to say when he mentioned her husband’s name, which causes her to have a restless night.

Stephen also attempted to kill Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox), who tries to comfort Sally but worries about her son who is gone.

Will Tim be located before it’s too late is the question. Or did Stephen manage to grab yet another victim?

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