Coronation Street spoilers: Ed apologises to Dee-Dee over her new love

Ed meets Joel (Picture: ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) realizes that his attention needs to change as daughter Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) begins to form a connection with duty attorney Joel (Calum Lill).

Ed’s gambling tendencies have recently returned as a result of the difficult situations he has recently found himself in.

Given that Leo’s body was discovered on Ed and Ronnie’s (Vinta Morgan) property and that the police are still looking into Stephen Reid, Ed has some extra time on his hands and, after apologizing for being so busy, decides to take Joel and Dee-Dee out to lunch.

Later on in the week, Dee-Dee sorts through the mail and hands Ed an envelope marked “Norris Cole” from a credit card firm.

When Ed’s card is denied at the cafe, Joel is kind enough to pay for his coffee, but neither man knows who the other is.

Things are going well for Joel and Dee-Dee so far (Picture: ITV)

Ed is humiliated when Dee-Dee introduces Joel to him when he arrives at the Bistro for lunch.

Joel keeps the refused card incident a secret as they dine, and Ed is able to hide his humiliation when Joel pays for the meal.

Is Ed’s gambling going to become worse as a result of his ongoing financial struggles?

Or will he confide in someone about his issues before they spiral out of control?

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