Coronation Street star Lisa George cut from major episodes after contracting Covid

Beth won’t be on screen this week (Picture: ITV)

Lisa George of Coronation Street has disclosed that she won’t be in this week’s Super Soap Week since she caught the coronavirus during filming.

In a recent interview, the actress who plays Beth Tinker explained that her upcoming sequences had to be deleted from the episodes because to a “sudden rush of Covid” among the cast and crew.

I was removed from the scenes because I had Covid. It was peak soap week and there was an unexpected surge of Covid and we were falling like flies, and unfortunately I caught it as well,” she told the Mirror. “I was heartbroken as I really enjoyed the scenes as well.

Lisa said that she is unaware of the adjustments made to the sequences, so she will learn about them when they show on ITV.

Lisa also addressed the current rumors that she will be departing Corrie in other places.

The actress has already discussed her contract renewal and the series she would like to be in if she weren’t a part of Coronation Street. This raised the possibility that she would leave to try something different, but Lisa has since stated that she won’t be leaving.

She said to the outlet, “I’ve got a new contract.”

Super Soap Week has kicked off (Picture: ITV)

Everyone kept saying, “You’re leaving, you’re leaving,” which is extremely strange. When they inquired about my contract, I said that I was still waiting. When they then asked what I would want to do if I didn’t receive one, I replied, “Call the midwife.” I only mentioned something in passing, and the next thing I know, everyone is calling to tell me, “You’re leaving, you’re leaving.”

Lisa said, “I was like, no, what’s all this, no, I don’t know anything about it.”

It’s just strange, Even now, I have no idea how the casual remark led to it.

Tim’s life remains in danger (Picture: ITV)

Tim (Joe Duttine), who had a confrontation with Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), was left battling for his life last night (October 9).

After the massive scenes, Stephen opened Tim’s taxi’s boot, which was now parked in the midst of a pitch-black wood, revealing Tim lying inside.

Stephen grabbed a canister full of gasoline and started dousing the vehicle in the combustible substance.

Stephen was ready to put it on fire when he heard a helicopter overhead, which startled him and caused him to hastily find a hiding spot.

Tim may become his fourth victim, though.

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